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Industrial Annular Drill Bits, often called Annular Cutters or Annular Cutting Bits, are designed with a hollow core surrounded by teeth that cut through the perimeter of the hole during drilling, leaving a solid slug in the center. Annular Cutting Bits create less torque, use less power, produce fewer chips, and deliver closer tolerances than standard twist drill bits.

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Annular Cutter Bit Operative Qualities

Annular Drill Bits are primarily used for specialized steel applications that only require the hole's outer edge to be cut. Annular Cutting Bits easily install into magnetic-base drills, milling machines, and drill presses to make smooth-walled, burr-free holes in one pass without pre-drilling or step drilling. To provide the cleanest possible cuts, the drill bits' inner flutes pull out chip materials while the pilot pin centers the cutters and allows coolant to flow to the tip during drilling.
Arbor adapters are required for annular cutters with drill presses and milling machines.

Annular Drill Bit Advantages

Annular Cutting Drill Bits are designed to offer superior hole-making capabilities by providing cleaner cuts for your application specifications. Additional industrial Annular Drill Bit benefits include:
  • Faster cuts
  • Longer cuts
  • Superior hole finish
  • True round-hole capabilities
  • Extremely tight tolerances
  • Resharpening capabilities
  • Uses less power and torque than standard drill bits

Annular Drill Bit Lubrication

Cobalt Annular Drill Bits for metal applications produce cleaner and more accurate cuts than standard drill bits. To provide the best results, annular cutters require lubrication. Properly lubricating the Annular Cutter helps to keep the tool cooler, increasing life expectancy while promoting increased chip flow and a better hole finish.

Annular Cutting Bit Material Capabilities

Annular Drill Bits are commonly used to cut through the following materials: 

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