With such a diverse range of metal alloys that are available on the market, it can be tough deciding exactly which alloy is correct for your application. Fortunately, there are an abundant number of resources readily available online that can make choosing the best alloy less of a guessing game and more of an exact science. 

What are Metal Alloys? 

An alloy is an extraordinarily versatile metal compound that consists of two or more elements. The combination of two or more compounds creates a material with enhanced qualities, or traits, that provides the necessary attributes that a specific project requires. 

Stainless Steel Alloys 

Industrial Metal Supply carries several types of stainless steel alloys that can assist with your exact specific project needs, these include: 
  • 303Alloy 303 provides improved machinability while maintaining good mechanical and corrosion resistant properties. It is also a non-magnetic, austenitic stainless steel that is not hardenable by heat treatment.
  • 304/304L - Alloy 304/304L is the most versatile and widely used alloy in the stainless steel family. It exhibits excellent corrosion resistance and has a high ease of fabrication, outstanding formability.
  • 316/316LAlloy 316/316L provides increased corrosion resistant properties over 304, while providing outstanding formability and weldability. 

Steel Alloys 

Alloy steels are versatile and can be found in several types of applications and industries. Common elements that are added to make alloy steel are molybdenum, manganese, nickel, silicon, boron, chromium, and vanadium. Industrial Metal Supply stocks the following alloy steels: 
  • 1008Alloy steel 1008 is a low-carbon steel that is used for exposed or unexposed parts where bending, moderate drawing, forming and welding may be involved. It exhibits excellent weldability, which includes projection, butt, spot and fusion, and brazeability. 
  • 1018Steel alloy 1018 provides high strength, ductility and hardness. 1018 is often used in the manufacturing of components such as rods, shafts, pins and sprockets.
  • 12L14Carbon steel alloy 12L14 is accepted as the fastest machining bar product in the industry. It is typically used in high-speed screw machine products and other high-speed machines.
  • 4130Steel alloy 4130 is a low-alloy steel containing chromium and molybdenum as strengthening agents. The steel has good strength and toughness, weldability and machinability.
  • AR500 - AR500 steel is an abrasion resistant alloy constructed specifically for harsh conditions and long-term use. AR500 is used in the development of critical components in power plants and is commonly used for ballistic plate body armor.
  • 01 Tool Steel – Both 01 and A2 steel are cold work tool steel grades in ASTM A681 standard. O1 Tool Steel is a general-purpose tool steel that is typically used in applications where alloy steels cannot provide enough hardness, strength, and wear resistance. It must be hardened by quenching in oil.
  • A2 Tool Steel - Both 01 and A2 steel are cold work tool steel grades in ASTM A681 standard. A2 offers excellent wear resistance and its ability to hold a good cutting edge. A2 steel is a good quality general purpose tool steel often used where the expense of a high carbon high chromium tool steel would not be justified. It has a high hardenability and may be hardened in the air, unlike 02 which is hardened in oil
  • DOM 1020/1025DOM “drawn over mandrel” 1020/1025 steel is a cold worked steel product that is used in automotive and construction applications. 


Aluminum is a high-strength, corrosion resistant metal that provides a wide range of advantages for numerous industrial applications. 
  • Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate – Cast tooling plate is light weight and smooth, while providing enhanced machining qualities.
  • 3003 – Aluminum 3003 is a medium strength alloy with very good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and very good weldability as well as good cold formability. It has better mechanical properties, especially at elevated temperatures than the 1000 series alloys.
  • 5052 Aluminum 5052 provides excellent finishing characteristics, bright anodized coatings, good corrosion resistance, and weldability. It is the alloy most suited for forming fabrication, but is not suited for extensive machining.
  • 6061 Aluminum 6061 is a medium to high strength heat-treatable alloy. It has very good corrosion resistance and very good weldability although reduced strength in the weld zone. It has medium fatigue strength.
  • 6063 - Alloy 6063 is easy to machine and is highly weldable. It provides excellent resistance to corrosion, particularly stress-corrosion cracking. 

Copper & Brass 

Copper and brass materials provide extremely good aesthetic qualities, while demonstrating enhanced strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Copper 110 Copper 110 alloy provides excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and formability. It also provides good corrosion resistance and has excellent hot and cold workability.
  • Brass 260260 brass is the most ductile out of all the yellow brasses. It also provides good strength, finishing capabilities and corrosion resistance.
  • Brass 360 Unlike other brass alloys, 360 forms a protective patina surface layer that protects the alloy from rust and corrosion, while providing a high polished finish.

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