Metal Fasteners


IMS stocks several types of fasteners each in several sizes so you can get the job done in one stop.

  • Wedge anchors

    • Versatile fully threaded design. One piece stainless steel expander clip resists corrosion. Non bottom-bearing, may be used in hole depth exceeding anchor length. Can be installed through the work fixture, eliminating hole spotting. 

  • Hex head masonry fastener & flat head masonry fastener

    • The Original Masonry Fastening System - now with "Advanced Threadform Technology". The Original masonry anchor that cuts threads into concrete, brick or hollow block.  Reversible and removable and they can be installed close to an edge. 

  • Expansion Shield Anchors

    • Also called lag shield anchors, expansion shield anchors are designed for anchoring into concrete, brick, and block. They are generally used in high-load applications

  • Drop-In Anchors

    • Drop-in anchors are internally threaded, allowing the mounting hardware to be removed easily while leaving the anchor in place. The anchor is used in medium- to heavy-duty applications in solid base materials. the anchors consists of a zinc-plated steel tubular expansion shield and a solid, cone-shaped expander plug

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