Every welder knows that completing a job requires more tools than just the welding machine itself. At IMS, we stock all the necessary equipment to get it done right.

We carry propane mag torches for brazing and soldering, including a #200 pencil flame burner with fuel and flame spreader tips (sold separately), as well as micro-refillable butane torches with accessories. We also stock both contact tips and cutting tips for torches.

We carry soapstone, a useful tool for marking the intended cutting path with a white substance that can be easily followed, even through a darkened face shield. We also stock a range of clamps and a huge variety of magnets to hold various metal shapes in place for welding. And we carry welding tables in different sizes, including an adjustable and a portable version.

For safety's sake, we provide welding blankets and/or furniture pads at hand, in order to protect work areas and put out fires on clothing caused by flying sparks and molten slag spatter.

In addition, we carry degreaser, a range of wire brushes and grinding wheels for cleaning and preparing the surfaces of metal parts to be welded.

If you're just getting started we have a full Forney welding kit that comes with a helmet gloves, wirebrush, chipping hammer and cutting wheels.
IMS supplies a lot more than metal – contact us today for all your welding tool needs.