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Get high-quality steel u-channels from Industrial Metal Supply, offering ideal shelving and structural support and commonly used in building and construction projects. We carry a vast product inventory of hot-rolled steel angles, cold-rolled steel angles, and galvanized steel angle options.

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What is a Steel Angle?

A primary roll-formed steel component, steel angles are multipurpose implements offering a popular construction and design solution. Typically used in various industries for several applications, steel angles are easily cut to size to meet requirements.

Benefits of Steel U-Channels

Using steel angle iron for your industrial project offers many beneficial attributes, including:
  • Affordable and lightweight product
  • Superior weight-bearing strength and durability
  • Versatile for several industrial applications
  • Easy to cut, weld, form, and manipulate
  • Cost-effective and low-maintenance
  • Easy to find, available in many sizes
  • Recyclable

Cutting Angle Iron

Steel angles are easily cut and manipulated to fit application specifications, including precision cuts down to a fraction of an inch or intricate cuts using laser, water, and plasma cutting. We provide basic metal sawing, shearing, and advanced metal cutting services for custom cut-to-size metal fabrications to meet your requirements.

Available Angle Iron Steel Sizes

Using our premier cutting services, IMS can create custom steel profiles for a number of industry applications. We can machine steel angles into structural angle components, equal, and unequal steel angle solutions.
  • Structural angles: Steel angles featuring a width, thickness, or height dimension of three inches or greater, providing increased structural support.
  • Equal steel angles: Standard right-angle steel profiles, commonly used and able to be custom cut to any size.
  • Unequal steel angles: A right-angle steel profile with one different sized axis, forming an L-shape angle that offers up to 20% increased strength-to-weight ratios.

Hot Rolled Steel Angles

Hot-rolled steel angles, also called angle iron or u-channel, are used for various applications. The 90° angled shape provides enhanced strength and rigidity to many projects. Utilizing a hot-rolled ASTM-A36 steel alloy, this metal fabrication is easy to weld, cut, form, and machine.

ASTM-A36 Hot Rolled U-Channel Steel Applications

Applications using hot rolled steel angle iron components include industrial projects, such as:
  • Construction equipment
  • Farm implements
  • Manufacturing
  • Repair projects
  • Fabrication

Cold Rolled Steel Angles

Steel angles using a cold-rolled process and A1008 mild steel are versatile components with high-tensile durability and excellent surface finishes. Cold-rolled steel angles are ideal in applications that require uniformity with efficient productions, featuring exact dimensions and tight tolerances.

Cold Rolled Steel U-Channel Applications

Common applications utilizing cold-rolled steel angles include the following:
  • Shelving
  • Light fixtures
  • Hinges
  • Appliance components
  • Wall mounting kits
  • Corner guards

Galvanized Steel L-Angles

Galvanized steel angles are favorable, versatile metal components used for many applications. The 90° angle offers additional strength and reliability to several projects, and this component is easy to machine, cut, weld, and form. A36 galvanized steel u-channels are zinc-coated, adding superior corrosion resistance over standard carbon steel angles.

A36 Galvanized Steel Angle Applications

Galvanized A36 steel angle iron is used for various industrial applications, such as:
  • Supports
  • Braces
  • Framework
  • Cross members
  • Corner guards

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Industrial Metal Supply offers a vast inventory of steel angle options, including cold-rolled and hot-rolled production and galvanized steel angles with custom cut-to-length solutions and processing services to meet your exact requirements.
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