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The well-known line of Sculpt Nouveau products provides  artists, tradesmen, and visionaries with tools to make their projects come to life with rich surfaces and vivid colors. Founded by artists, Sculpt Nouveau merges ancient design traditions with modern science to provide users with solutions to create any metal surface effect that they can imagine.

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Industrial Metal Supply is one of the only locations where you will find such a robust line of patina and patina-related products in stock. Finishes, primers, sealers, thinners and surface prep products are everything you will need to make beautiful and vibrant creations with all types of metal.

Patina Guides

  • The Sculpt Nouveau Flowchart Flyer helps you select the correct patina based on the finish you would like to achieve
  • The Product Guide is a 44 page booklet that walks you through everything from metal surface preparation to various patina colors, and dyes
  • The Solvent Dyes booklet is 15 pages and covers what you need to know when using Solvent Dyes, including color mixes.
Yellow, brown, black on cast iron                        Yellow, brown, black on Steel
Yellow, brown, black on Cast Iron                          Yellow, brown, black on Steel

If you prefer to get straight to a video, check out the Patina tutorial video

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