Welding Magnets

You only have so many hands and sometimes to achieve that perfect weld you need help. That's when welding magnets come in to play. They can be used to create inside and outside corners as they can hold metal (tube and sheet) at a variety of different angles.

strong hand welding magnet

Read more about welding magnets below!


Welding Magnets

Magnets are useful when you need to get a tack weld started or when you need to solder a couple thin pieces of sheet metal. They are also good for doing layout work as well.

IMS stocks a huge variety of magnets depending on your specific need - small to large projects and various metal shapes require different types of magnets.

Some of the many options we stock include:
  • Standard squares with various angles options
  • Adjust-O magnets that you can turn on and off
  • Sheet metal magnets
  • Corner magnets
  • Snake magnets

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