304 Stainless Threaded Rod

threaded rod diagram

           D = Diameter
           L = Length
Industrial 304 SS rod, also known as stainless steel studs, are fully threaded fasteners that effortlessly combine with nuts, bolts, and other fastener products. Threaded 304 stainless steel rods are commonly used in various industrial applications, including construction, manufacturing, electronics, automotive, marine, and many more.

IMS is Your Locally Trusted Threaded Stainless Rod Supply Company

With seven locations throughout California and Arizona, and the ability to deliver to all areas of Nevada, IMS is a full-service metal supplier that understands what you need. Our inventory of 304 SS rod is available in various size options to meet your application requirements. To provide the highest quality service in the industry, we offer the following advantages:
  • Same day will-call pick up
  • Next day local delivery
  • Excellent high volume discount pricing
  • Custom cut to size metal production
  • ISO 9001 certified
To narrow your 304 threaded rod search, please filter your specifications by rod diameter. If you need further assistance selecting the best industrial 304 threaded rod option for your project, please contact us or stop by one of our California or Arizona locations.

304 Stainless Rod Advantages

IMS stocks premium quality 304 threaded SS rod to meet your project’s exact specification requirements. Industrial threaded 304 stainless rod benefits include:
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Enhanced durability
  • Long life expectancy
  • Highly versatile
  • Good aesthetic appeal
  • Sterile environment accepted

304 SS Rod Applications

Threaded 304 stainless rod is highly versatile. It can be used for various applications that require strength, corrosion resistance, and the ability to join different types of fasteners. Typical 304 SS rod applications include:
  • Concrete or wood repair
  • Structure stabilization
  • Building construction
  • Metalworking structures
  • Temporary down ceilings
  • Providing proper alignment for special-purpose machinery

Threaded 304 SS Rod Conversions Calculators

Check out our handy converter and conversions calculators. Our converters and metal weight calculators allow you to side-step traditional by-hand conversions and input your exact criteria into one of our simple-to-use converters.

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Order Threaded 304 Stainless Rod Today

Industrial Metal Supply stocks a wide range of 304 stainless steel rod sizes for your project requirement needs. We offer quick delivery throughout the Southwest region, including California, Arizona, and Nevada. Contact us today to discuss industrial threaded 304 SS rod options for your application.

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