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waterjet cutting services
Waterjet is cheaper than other processes and
can make all sorts of shapes with one tool.

High Precision

Industrial Metal Supply specializes in precision waterjet cutting of parts and components for industrial and commercial requirements. Waterjet cutting is extremely efficient in creating complex shapes inexpensively, and manufacturing forms ready for final machining.

Our waterjet capabilities include a new, high precision Mitsubishi Waterjet with taper control and can cut virtually any material up to 8” thick. 

Accuracy of positioning is + or - .001. We can actively adjust the angle of the waterjet so taper is all to the waste side of the part. The machine has automatic height control which means the standoff off the material is consistent, allowing optimum nozzle position above the material. The result of this is a very good surface with minimal of no striations, allowing net shape manufacturing or near net shape (NSS) blanks for fast finishing. The waterjet will process a 6 foot by 12 foot plate, up to 8 inches thick. Mitsubishi servo drives are coupled with Mitsubishi controller for accurate positioning, along with reliable long term operation.

Material Type for Waterjet Cutting Cut Minimum Thickness Cut Maximum Thickness
Aluminum 0.001 8
Stainless Steel 0.001 8
Steel 0.001 8
Who Can Use Waterjet Cutting Services?
Machine Shops: Allow us to precut your parts. We can hog out large or small parts with no heat affected zones. This will allow you to more tightly nest your waterjet parts in your mill, save milling time, save wear and tear on your machine, and save milling bits and other consumables.

Sign Companies: We can cut you letters, marquees, banners or other artistic projects your customers want. We can waterjet cut virtually any size and font you can imagine. Allowing us to cut out your letters and marquees can free up your valuable resources for assembly and installation. We can custom cut any font in aluminum, stainless, or any other material you want.

Metal Fabricators: We can waterjet cut virtually any material up to six inches thick, and with tolerances of up to +/- .005”. Our waterjet machining can pre-cut your parts with minimum burr and no heat affected zones.

Manufacturing and Fabrication shops: Allow us to pre-fabricate your parts, prior to your final process. Or, we can create your final product.

Artistic Designers: If you can imagine it, we can cut it! We would love to help you create those artistic masterpieces. We can custom waterjet cut virtually any material in any shape. Metal art is no problem for our waterjet. We can cut virtually any artistic design, from any material.

Metal Stamping and Tool Die Makers: Eliminate tooling costs on short run parts by having cut with our precision waterjet cutting applications. Hard to stamp materials are no problem for our waterjet shop.

Torched or Burned parts: Have a part that is too thick for plasma or laser cutting? We can waterjet cut that part and there will be no heat affected zones and no secondary clean up.

Construction Contractors: We can custom cut your metal artistic design with quality and precision.

Auto, Motorcycle, ATV Enthusiasts, and other Hobbyists: We are right there with you!! Sometimes you just need that one special thing made! E-mail, call or stop by. Well help you out! If we can’t do it, we’ll help you find someone that can!

What is a Waterjet Cutting Service?

Abrasive jet and Waterjet technologies have been around for years. Waterjet cutting has been a specialty technology used in a wide variety of industries since about 1970. Around 1993, big advances in the technology were introduced that have caused this technology to become very popular for machine shops. A waterjet is a tool used in machine shops to cut virtually any material with a (very) high-pressure stream of water and abrasive.
A waterjet can cut a "sandwich" of different materials up to four inches thick. This odorless, dust-free and relatively heat-free process can also cut something as thin as five thousandths of an inch. The tiny jet stream permits the first cut to also be the final finished surface. This single cutting process saves material costs and machining costs. For example, the engineer merely gives a gear drawing to the cutting shop via a diskette or e-mail and gets the finished gear back.

Waterjets cut softer materials, while abrasive jets are used for harder materials. The actual cutting is often done under water to reduce splash and noise. Faster feed rates are used to prevent the jet from cutting all the way through.

Application Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

  • Waterjet Cutting is cheaper than other processes.
  • Waterjet Cut virtually any material:
    • pre hardened steel
    • mild steel
    • exotics like Titanium,
    • Inconel, Hastalloy
    • gummy 304 stainless
    • (most steels cut at the same speed, whether hardened, or not.)
    • Copper, Brass, Aluminum: They are a cinch!
    • brittle materials like glass, ceramic, quartz, stone.
    • laminates
    • flammable materials
  • Cut thin or thick materials with waterjet cutting.
  • Make all sorts of shapes with only one tool.
  • Cut wide range of thickness’ to reasonable tolerance up to 3” (76mm) thick
  • Up to 6” (152mm) or thicker where tolerance not important, or in soft materials.
  • No Heat Generated / No heat affected zones - this is cold cutting!
  • No mechanical stresses
  • Cut virtually any shape
  • Fast Setup means fast turnaround of your finished product!
  • Only one tool to qualify / No tool changes required.
  • Fast turn-around on the machine. Make a part, then 2 minutes later be making a completely different part from a completely different material.
  • Leaves a satin smooth finish, thus reducing secondary operations.
  • Clean cutting process without gasses or oils.
  • Makes its own start holes.
  • Narrow kerf removes only a small amount of material.
  • Your "scrap" metal is easier to recycle or re-use (no oily chips!)
  • You can trade off tolerance vs. speed from feature to feature on your part.
  • Are very safe. (No, they don't explode, thanks to the nearly incompressible property of water.)
  • Draw the part / cut the part. It is that easy!
  • No "scaley" edges, which makes it easier to make a high quality weld
  • Machine composite materials, or materials where dissimilar materials are glued together
  • Machine stacks of thin parts all at once.
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