Metal Lacquer Finish

Metal lacquer finishes from IMS provide an easy and convenient way to protect a variety of metals, including copper, brass, aluminum, and silver. Metal lacquer is easy to apply via spray or brush and is available in environmentally friendly and VOC-compliant options to meet your project regulations and requirements. Metal lacquer finishes provide the long-lasting protection your metals need to withstand environmental stresses and physical abuse, extending the life of your metal.

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metal lacquer finishes

Metal Lacquer Finish Advantages

At IMS, we stock several lines of lacquers for nearly any job. We have various finishes, including clear, satin, and matte, as well as environmentally friendly options. The spray can metal lacquer is the easiest to apply, as the product can be sprayed lightly, allowing plenty of time between coats. Additional metal lacquer finish benefits include:
  • Hard, fast drying, and tarnish resistance film
  • Highly resistant to weather, water, rust, and chemical damage
  • Resists marring and perspiration better than most solvent lacquers
  • Helps metal remain clean/polished
  • Doesn’t change color as it ages
  • Protects well against liquids
  • Requires very little maintenance

Metal Lacquer Applications

Metal lacquers provide a protective finish against dirt, debris, and other contaminants. The metals that respond best to metal lacquer finishes include:

The IMS Difference

What separates IMS from other metals companies? With an abundance of metal options and customer service that is second to none, IMS has you covered with the following advantages:
  • Next-day delivery of processed material via our trucks
  • Same-day pick-up in Will-Call
  • No minimum purchase
  • Support of Just-in-Time manufacturing processes
  • Salespeople that act as an extension of your purchasing department (we will get any metal products you need)
  • Material management (stocking and delivery on a scheduled basis)
  • Credit lines with good terms
  • Knowledgeable staff that knows metal
  • Seven stores are open six days a week (check each location for specific times)
  • Shop by metal alloy

Order Premium Metal Lacquer Finishes Today

In the market for high-quality metal lacquer finishes? IMS stocks a wide selection of metal lacquers in clear, satin, and matte finishes. We also provide metal cutting services to make purchasing easy and convenient. Stop by one of our California or Arizona locations or request a quote today.

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