Brass Precuts

Explore our extensive range of brass and copper metal products, including bars, sheets, and plates.

Brass and copper metal products share a captivating reddish hue, placing them in the same category of metals. Although their chemical compositions differ slightly, both brass and copper offer outstanding mechanical properties and an aesthetic allure rarely matched by other materials.

Industrial Metal Supply boasts a diverse inventory of brass, available in sheet, plate, bar, full sizes, pre-cuts, and decorative railing options from Lavi Industries. Our copper products, crafted from alloy 110 copper known for its exceptional purity, are offered in bar and sheet formats, ideal for various electrical applications.

Whether you seek brass for its versatility or copper for its conductivity and corrosion resistance, Industrial Metal Supply is your trusted supplier. Brass, a copper-zinc alloy, offers remarkable strength and ductility, with added elements like manganese enhancing corrosion resistance.

Our brass inventory includes round, square, rectangle, and hex bars, as well as sheets, plates, tubing, and decorative accessories. Copper, renowned for its electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion, finds widespread use in plumbing, construction, and electrical industries. From round and bus bars to decorative patterned sheets, we stock a wide selection of copper supplies tailored to diverse applications.

Experience the antimicrobial properties of copper and brass, known to eliminate over 99.9% of bacteria within hours of contact. Our products, including terminals, connectors, and fasteners, ensure both functionality and hygiene in various applications.

Contact us for more information regarding our brass and copper metal products including copper and brass bar, sheet, and plate products, or request a quote for further pricing details today. Industrial Metal Supply is your trusted brass and copper supplier.


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