6061 and 6063 Aluminum Channel (U Channel)

Dimensions of 6061 Structural Channel
Dimensions of 6063 Architectural Channel
6061 Structural Channel                             H = Height                               6063 Architectural Channel                            H = Height
                                                                                      W= Width                                                                                                                          W= Width
                                                                                      L = Length                                                                                                                          L = Length
                                                                                      T= Thickness                                                                                                                     T= Thickness

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What is 6061 Aluminum Channel?

6061 extruded aluminum U channel is manufactured with inside radius corners for all structural applications requiring greater strength. 6061 aluminum U Channel products are widely used for all fabrication projects where lightweight is necessary, and corrosion resistance is a concern.
  • 6061 per ASTM-B308

What is 6061 Aluminum Channel Used for?

6061 aluminum U channel products are commonly used in a broad range of industries to support various projects. 6061 aluminum channel applications include:
  • Support
  • Braces
  • Framework
  • Trailers
  • Truck beds

6061 Aluminum Channel Size Options

Aluminum alloy 6061 is available in the following lengths with various height options ranging from 1/2” to 12”:
  • 8’
  • 16’
  • 25’

What is 6063 Aluminum Channel?

Aluminum U channel 6063, also referred to as architectural aluminum trim channel is an extruded aluminum product with sharp right-angled inside and outside corners, making this shape ideal for many trim applications. Channel aluminum 6063 is also widely used for all fabrication projects where weight and corrosion resistance are primary concerns.
  • 6063 per ASTM-B221

What is 6063 Aluminum Channel Used for?

Aluminum alloy 6063 U channel products are commonly used for a range of industries. Direct applications include:
  • Architectural trim
  • Framework
  • Brackets
  • Structural support

6063 Aluminum Channel Size Options

Aluminum alloy 6063 is available in the following lengths with various height options ranging from 1/2” to 12”:
  • 8’
  • 16’
  • 25’

6061 and 6063 Aluminum U Channel Advantages

Alloy 6061 and 6063 U channel aluminum products are commonly used throughout a diverse range of industrial applications, providing enhanced strength, corrosion resistance, weldability, and good finishing characteristics. The versatility and strength of aluminum make it a perfect choice for forming metal channels. Though it does not have the same tensile strength as steel, it still has enough stability to support specific applications.

How are Aluminum U Channels Created?

Extruded aluminum channel products through roll-forming processes that bends the metal strip as it passes through a set of rollers that deform portions of the metal until the desired shape is attained. Once the metal is shaped and configured, the formed parts are cut to desired lengths.

What’s the Difference Between 6061 and 6063 Aluminum Channel Products?

6061 and 6063 aluminum are similar products with distinctive features that lend each to specific applications. The alloy’s magnesium and silicon contents provide increased strength and reduced melting temperature while displaying enhanced formability, weldability, and corrosion resistance. 6061 aluminum is commonly used in electronics, construction, and welded assemblies, while 6063 aluminum is generally used for architectural applications due to its excellent extrusion capabilities.

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