Specialty Clamps


Specialty Clamps: Strong Hand and Doughty

IMS stocks several types and sizes of clamps from both Strong Hand and Doughty. In the Strong Hand line we stock everything from the popular 4-1 clamping system (one clamp, four functions) to regular duty utility clamps. We also stock pliers and magnets – products that help you increase your productivity and save your set-up time. 
Doughty clamps are constructed from high tensile aluminum extrusions and come in both standard and low profile versions. Doughty clamps are often used by the entertainment industry for events – in fact, Dougthy has created a stainless steel clamp for outdoor use, one that used over a period of time will experience minimal galvanic corrosion. 
  • Quick-acting clamping tools
  • Allows for efficient welding work, assembly & repair
  • Rapid set-up
  • Many sizes and models