Aluminum 6061 & 6063 Angle

Aluminum angle products manufactured from 6061 and 6063 aluminum alloy materials form a 90-degree angle and are used by a broad range of industrial companies. Both 6061 and 6063 aluminum angle materials provide several beneficial advantages including excellent strength and corrosion resistance for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Check out our infographic that compares the similarities and differences of 6061 and 6063 aluminum alloys.

6061 and 6063 Aluminum Angle Advantages

With seven locations throughout California and Arizona and the ability to ship throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada, IMS is a full-service metal supplier that understands what you need. Our 90-degree aluminum angle product inventories are available in various sizes, heights, and thicknesses to meet your application requirements. To provide the highest quality service in the industry, we offer the following advantages:
  • Same day will-call pick up
  • Next day local delivery
  • Excellent high volume discount pricing
  • Custom cut to size metal production
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Open to the public

6061 and 6063 Aluminum Alloy Material Property Comparison

Both 6061 and 6063 aluminum alloy angle products provide similar material properties. However, their differences in yield strength and fatigue strength correlate to applicable differences in use. The following chart describes some of the material differences between AL 6061 and AL 6063 angle products.
Material Properties 6061 Aluminum Angle 6063 Aluminum Angle
Yield Strength 40000 psi 31000 psi
Ultimate Strength 45000 psi 35000 psi
Fatigue Strength 14000 psi 10000 psi
Bearing Yield Strength 56000 psi 40000 psi

6061 and 6063 Aluminum Angle Beneficial Features

Solid 6061 and 6063 aluminum angle provides many useful features, allowing it to be used for many different types of applications that require advanced qualities. AL 6061 and AL 6063 angle features include:
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Excellent welding characteristics
  • Enhanced wear resistance
  • Good machining and grinding qualities
Check out the differences between 6061 and 6063 aluminum stock for a full-benefit comparison between the two alloys.

90-Degree 6061 and 6063 Aluminum Angle Conversions Calculators

Check out our handy converter and conversions calculators. Our converters and metal weight calculators allow you to side-step traditional by-hand conversions and input your exact criteria into one of our simple-to-use converters.

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Industrial Metal Supply stocks a wide range of 6061 and 6063 aluminum angle sizes for your specific project needs. We offer quick delivery throughout the Southwest region, including California, Arizona, and Nevada. Contact us today to discuss 90-degree AL 6061 and AL 6063 angle for your application.

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