Hot Rolled Steel Rectangle Tube

Hot Rolled Steel Rectangle Tube  H = Height
 L = Length
 W = Width
 T = Thickness

Hot-rolled steel rectangle tubes are cost-effective, providing uniform strength and the rigidity to support many industrial applications. Used to build and maintain construction projects, automotive assemblies, industrial equipment, signage, appliances, and more, the features of square tubing are ideal for various applications.

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Hot Rolled Steel Rectangle Tube Benefits

Steel rectangle tubes are box-shaped, allowing for increased durability and sturdiness, ideal for structural applications, general fabrications, manufacturing, and repairs. Easy to cut, weld, form, and machine, hot rolled square tubing offers several beneficial features:
  • Optimal strength-to-weight ratio
  • Increased solidity
  • Enhanced stability
  • High torsional and uniform strength
  • Simplified fabrication
  • Cost-conscious
  • Recyclable

What are the Differences Between Cold Rolled & Hot Rolled Steel Rectangle Tubes?

Different fabrication methods yield particular characteristics for cold-rolled and hot-rolled rectangle steel tubes. Cold rolling is meant to increase the hardness and strength by producing certain defects in the metal’s crystal structure, and it can also decrease plate and sheet metal thickness during the manufacturing stage.
Hot rolling is performed at temperatures above 1,700°F, allowing the steel to be manipulated and formed into more extensive solutions. Steel rectangle tubes using hot-rolling processes are less expensive than cold-rolled options and are processed without delays in manufacturing.

Steel Rectangle Tube Sizes

At IMS, we make metal buying easy by providing a variety of hot rolled square steel tube sizes and purchasing options. Get the high-quality metal products you need and keep your project on track and within budget with hot rolled rectangular steel tubes in stock at IMS:
Height Width Wall Thickness Length
½” 1” 0.083” 10’
¾” 1 ¼” 0.090” 20’
1” 1 ½” 0.120” Custom cut-to-length
1 ½” 2” 0.180”  
2” 2 ½” 0.188”  
3” 3” 0.250”  
4” 4” 0.375”  
  5” 3/16”  
  6” 1/4”  
  8” 3/8”  
    11 GA  
    13 GA  
    14 GA  
    18 GA  

Hot Rolled Rectangular Tubing Applications

Providing a versatile solution for industrial applications, hot rolled steel rectangle tubing can be used for:
  • Building construction/architecture
  • Automobiles & related equipment (trailers, etc.)
  • Industrial equipment
  • Solar panel frames
  • Home appliances
  • Aircraft/aerospace
  • Restaurant furniture & décor
  • Signage
  • Truck beds
  • Agricultural equipment

Hot Rolled Steel Rectangle Tube Secondary Services

When you order from Industrial Metal Supply (IMS), we offer custom metal cutting services and next-day delivery. Additionally, if you require more extensive services than sawing or shearing, we provide the following advanced metal-cutting options:

Rectangle Hot Rolled Steel Tube Custom Cutting Services

In need of precision cuts down to a fraction of an inch or intricate cuts using laser, water, or plasma cutting? IMS provides custom cut-to-size painted aluminum sheet metal based on your specifications.

Steel Rectangle Hot Rolled Tube Conversions Calculators

View our helpful metal converter and conversions calculators. Converters and weight calculators simplify traditional, by-hand conversions and input your exact criteria into one of our efficient converters.

Rectangular Hot Rolled Steel Tubes Advantages from IMS

IMS is your reliable steel tubing and metal fabrication manufacturer and distributor, offering the industry’s premier metal options and next-day local delivery. With seven locations and metal solutions that meet your needs, we provide outstanding customer service and are proud to serve Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Northern Mexico.  To guarantee the highest quality service in the industry, we offer several IMS-exclusive advantages:
  • Same-day will-call pick-up
  • Next-day local delivery
  • Excellent high-volume discount pricing
  • Custom cut-to-size metal production
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Support of Just-In-Time manufacturing processes
  • Open to the public
We value your time, and all pricing request quotes are returned within two hours during standard business hours. That’s the IMS difference!

Order High-Quality Hot Rolled Steel Rectangle Tubes from IMS Today

Industrial Metal Supply carries an extensive inventory of hot rolled rectangle steel tubing in various standard sizes (height/width), wall thicknesses, and lengths with custom cut-to-length steel rectangular tube options to meet your exact requirements.
We also offer square steel tubing, round steel tubing, square telescoping tubing, and steel hammered tube.

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