Steel Tubing

Steel tubing is a versatile material available in round, square, and rectangular shapes. From heat exchangers and staircase handrails to truck and trailer manufacturing, steel tubing offers a combination of strength, durability, and affordability that make it the ideal choice for industrial metal applications.

Stainless steel tubing products are typically manufactured from several alloying metals, including aluminum and titanium. The addition of alloy materials to the primary steel structure provides strength and other notable beneficial qualities. To learn more about our steel tubing options, contact our sales team or visit one of our six locations scattered throughout Southern California and Arizona and let us help you with your metal needs today.

IMS is Your Locally Trusted Steel Tubing Supply Company

With six locations throughout Southern California and Arizona, IMS is a full-service metal supplier that understands what you need. Our inventory of steel tubing products includes numerous metal shape and alloy options to meet your application requirements. To provide the highest quality service in the industry, we offer the following advantages:
  • Same day will-call pick up
  • Next day local delivery
  • Excellent high volume discount pricing
  • Custom cut to size metal production
  • ISO 9001 certified

IMS is Equipped to Handle Any Size Steel Tubing Order Quantity

At IMS, we provide unsurpassed next-day delivery or same-day will-call pick up at any of our convenient locations. We are well equipped to handle all sized orders with six locations and over 400,000 square feet of warehouse space. From selling one piece in our stores to delivering truckloads of metal to your site, we work well with all types of customers. Whether you’re a large government contract supplier or a one-person welding shop, we have you covered.

Steel Tube Inventory Options

Industrial Metal Supply offers steel tube in a variety of standard sizes and profiles and steel tubing options for specialty applications. We offer the following steel tubing product options:
  • Round Steel Tubing: Offers the strength and durability you need at an affordable price. Round steel stubbing can be used for almost any application.
  • Rectangular Steel Tubing: Rectangular steel tube is designed for structural applications and manufacturing industries. It offers more strength and rigidity than other shapes, making it ideal for construction, architecture, automobiles, and more.
  • Square Steel Tubing: Withstands extreme temperatures, pressures, and the elements, making it perfect for both commercial and industrial applications. It is used frequently in truck beds, trailer components, and machine parts.
  • Galvanized Telescoping Square Steel Tube: Galvanized steel tubing is corrosion-resistant, and this telescoping steel tube is perfect for structural applications.
  • Hammered Steel Tube: Hammered steel tube delivers a decorative design with added strength and welding capabilities. It is used for a variety of decorative applications.

Steel Tube Processing Options

Industrial Metal Supply stocks carbon steel tube for all applications. We offer a full line of standard diameters, shapes, and wall thicknesses, as well as specialty steel tubing products. Cut-to-length service is available to give you the perfect steel tubing for your project. Our selection of steel tube includes:

Hot Rolled Steel Tubing

Hot rolled steel tubing is processed using very high temperatures and a series of rollers, delivering ease of use. Hot rolling keeps the material free from internal stresses. This type of tubing is found frequently in the construction industry but is not ideal for applications that require enhanced precision.

Cold Rolled Steel Tubing

Cold rolled steel tubing begins as hot rolled steel but undergoes further processing to create a more finished surface and provide additional strength. This process suits applications with strict tolerance, straightness, and surface condition requirements because cold rolling is a more precise finishing method.

Galvanized Steel Tubing

Galvanized steel tubing is treated with a coating that makes the material more resistant to corrosion and extends the material’s life. Because the material is corrosion-resistant, it is often used for structural tubing in projects like bridges and fences where it may be subjected to environmental conditions.

Steel Tubing Applications

Versatile, long-lasting, and easy to cut, bend, and form, steel tube can be found in countless applications where extreme temperatures and pressures are found.
Construction, engineering, and automotive manufacturing are some of the most common industries that use steel tube shapes. Almost all metal scaffolding is made from steel tube because it’s easy to assemble. Steel tubing is commonly used in an automobile's suspension, fuel injection, and vehicle control systems.

Other common uses for steel tubing include:
  • Solar panel frames
  • Architecture
  • Medical devices
  • Industrial equipment
  • Plumbing for fluids, gases, or electrical wiring

Precision Steel Tubing Secondary Services

When you order from Industrial Metal Supply (IMS), we can cut your metal to size and deliver it the next day. If you require more extensive services than just sawing or shearing, we also offer the following advanced metal cutting options:  

Upload Competitor Pricing Quotes

IMS now allows you to upload competitor pricing directly through our checkout and shipping portal. Upload your competitor pricing, and we’ll strive to match or beat their pricing and lead times.

Order Premium Steel Tubing from our California or Arizona Locations Today

AT IMS, we supply premium steel tube to customers throughout Southern California, Arizona, and Northern Mexico. Get the high-quality metal products you need while keeping your project on time and budget. We make metal purchasing easy by providing multiple purchasing options with your metal order.
Visit any of our six California and Arizona locations to check out our inventory of steel tubing products.  Request a quote by viewing a product section or contact IMS for the top-quality steel tube your application requires.

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