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Industrial Metal Supply has a large library of literature that we encourage you to download if you need more information. Here you will find everything from our line cards to flyers on specific product lines as well as metal reference charts.

Specific Products        
General Use       
Reference Charts

17-4 Stainless Steel Round Bar
01 Tool Steel
A2 Tool Steel
Bearing Bronze 660
Cable Railing System
Chromoly & DOM
Corner Guards
Corrugated Sheet Panels
Hammered Tubing
Lavi: Pre-Fabricated Posts
Lavi Catalog
Metal Degreaser
Patinas: Color Flow Chart
Patinas: Metal Coatings
Patinas: Types & Colors Intro
Patinas: Traditional & Vista Finishes
Silicon Bronze
Solar Speed-Rail Fittings
Speed-Rail & Fittings
Telescoping Tube
Textured Sheet
Welding Clamps
Welding Magnets

Line Card
Credit Application - (AZ & CA)
Resale Card - California
Resale Card - AZ
Services Brochure
Hi-Def Plasma Cutter
Tube Laser Brochure
Processing Capabilities & Tolerances
Corporate Brochure
Aluminum Brochure
Offroad Flyer
Machine Shop Brochure

Aluminum Plate Tolerances
Aluminum Sheet vs. Steel Sheet Stiffness
Aluminum Minimum Bend Radius
Aluminum Sheet Thickness Tolerances
Aluminum Temper Designation
Decimal Conversion Chart
Hardness Conversion Table
Metric Tap and Drill Chart
Stainless Sheet Surfaces
Stainless Steel Plate Tolerances
Stainless Sheet Thickness Tolerances
Steel Sheet Thicknesses: Galvanized, Galvannealed, Aluminized
Steel Sheet Thicknesses: Hot Roll, Hot Roll Pickled & Oiled, Cold Roll, Electrogalvanized
Welding Secrets

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