4130 Chromoly Steel Tubing

tube diagram
4130 chromoly steel tubing

  D = Diameter
  T = Thickness
  L = Length

Industrial Metal Supply is your trusted chromoly tubing distributor and supplier, providing high-quality metal fabrication solutions. We have seven locations, convenient next-day local delivery, and excellent customer service, serving Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Northern Mexico.

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What is 4130 Chromoly Tubing?

4130 steel chromoly tubing is a low alloy containing chromium, molybdenum, iron, carbon, and other alloying elements. Adding chromium to steel improves strength and corrosion resistance, and the molybdenum increases material toughness. 4130 steel chromoly tubing also provides a smooth interior and exterior finish that resists scaling and oxidation.

4130 Steel Chromoly Tubing Advantages

Round 4130 Chromoly tube and pipe is manufactured to withstand a wide range of elements, providing numerous benefits for a range of applications. Some of the strengths of using 4130 Chromoly tubing include:
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • High tensile strength, ductility, and toughness
  • Lighter and more robust than carbon steel
  • Easy to weld, form, and machine
  • Ability to case harden using carburization
  • Ability to harden using heat-treating or work hardening

4130 Chromoly Steel vs Stainless Steel

Chromoly steel is often used for its enhanced strength characteristics. Compared with stainless steel, chromoly tube offers higher strength and increased working temperatures while increasing corrosion resistance and oxidation. Due to its corrosive-resistant qualities, chromoly tubing is better suited than stainless steel for saltwater applications and is often used in the aviation, racing, and cycling industries.

Chromoly 4130 Round Steel Tubing Applications

Round steel tube 4130 provides good weldability without compromising steel abrasion and impact resistance. It is also sturdy yet lightweight in applications requiring strength without additional weight.
Some of the typical applications for 4130 round tubing include:
  • Motorcycle frames
  • Aerospace applications
  • Motorsport chassis
  • Aircraft gas delivery systems
  • Bicycle frames
  • Racecar roll cages

The IMS Difference

IMS is your trusted source for premium 4130 chromoly steel products. To guarantee the highest quality service in the industry, we include IMS-exclusive advantages, such as:
  • Same-day will-call pick-up
  • Next-day local delivery
  • Outstanding high-volume discount pricing
  • Custom cut-to-size metal production
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • Support of Just-In-Time manufacturing processes
  • Open to the public
We understand that receiving your metal products on time is essential, so we return all pricing requests within two hours during operational business hours. That’s the IMS difference!

Precision Chromoly Steel Tube Cutting Services

When you order from Industrial Metal Supply (IMS), we can cut your metal to size and deliver it the next day. If you require more extensive services than just sawing or shearing, we also offer the following advanced metal-cutting options:  

Multiple Purchasing Options for 4130 Steel Chromoly Tube

IMS is a direct supplier of premium Chromoly tubing to customers throughout California, Arizona, and Northern Mexico. We make metal buying easy by providing multiple purchasing options with all orders, including same-day will-call pickup or next-day local delivery.

Round Chromoly Tubing Conversions Calculators

Check out our handy converter and conversions calculators. Our converters and metal weight calculators allow you to side-step traditional by-hand conversions and input your exact criteria into one of our simple-to-use converters.

Order 4130 Steel Chromoly Tubing & Pipe Today

Industrial Metal Supply stocks a wide range of 4130 chrome moly tube sizes for your project needs. We offer quick delivery throughout the Southwest region and Mexico. Contact us today to discuss using round 4130 Chromoly tubes in your application.

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