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Contoured cuts

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Can cut steel up to ¾” thick
Can cut steel up to ¾” thick
Tube laser cutting offers you the precision and accuracy needed for high-volume production runs, for fabrication projects as well as heavy-equipment components. Eliminate cumbersome manufacturing processes by utilizing our advanced technology FabriGear 300 6-axis laser cutting services.

Cut metal tubingi-beam and channel, and angle products with reduced lead times and higher efficiency. 3D laser tube cutting streamlines processes to allow for quick cycle times and cost-effective metal fabrication. 

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Why choose IMS?

We provide convenience and quality. We also provide the following:
  • Quotes within one business day
  • Same day will call pickup at any of our locations
  • Prototype to production quantities
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Numerous CAD formats supported
    • We work with a variety of files including DXF files and hand-drawn sketches

What can our lasers do?

Our tube laser cutting services utilizes a 4000-watt laser with the ability to cut materials as long as 26’ and as short as one inch. Material cutting thicknesses include:
  • Thickness up to 3/4" for steel
  • Thicknesses up to 1/2" for stainless steel
  • Thicknesses up to 3/8" for aluminum
Robotic material handling provides enhanced capabilities, including:
  • 10" diameters for round tubing
  • 8” for rectangle and square tubing
  • 8” square options for structural shapes, including channel and I-beam

Why choose tube laser cutting?

High precision output with smooth surface finishes makes 3D laser cutting a viable option for manufacturing and production that need tight tolerances and metal versatility. From steel to stainless steel, or aluminum, precision tube laser cutting provides fast production turnaround when compared to non-laser cutting. Quick production speeds provide an efficient and cost-effective way to precision cut your materials.
Additional benefits of tube laser cutting includes:
  • Part identification via laser engraving
  • Virtually any shape from a CAD system
  • Tight tolerances and precision cuts
    • Straight and angled cuts with weld bevels up to 45 degrees
    • Contoured cuts with weld bevels
    • Tap holes and drill holes up to ½” diameter
  • No need for fixtures or additional tooling
  • Combines drilling, tapping, hand grinding, beveling, deburring, cutting, milling, and drilling into one quick process

What are some Applications?

With its precision capabilities as well as reduced setup fixturing, 3D 6-Axis laser cutting is ideal for a wide range of industries, including:
  • Fabrication
  • Machine shops
  • Automotive components
  • Die and mold manufacturing

Where are we located?

With 7 locations throughout the Southwest and quick delivery to Northern Mexico, IMS' Tube laser cutting services provide the accuracy needed for your fabrication needs.

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