Metal Marking Pens

Dyken Brite Mark and other types are stocked for use on metal or almost any surface as a matter of fact. Industrial markers that are quick drying feature various tip sizes depending on the size of your project. 

Read more about metal marking pens below!
heavy-duty metal marking pensDyken Brite Mark's quick-drying, oil-based paint withstands indoor and outdoor conditions without fading, chipping, or losing its opacity. Ideal for color coding. Makes permanent bright marks on metal, rubber, plastic, glass, concrete, leather, stone, wood, vinyl, and more. Used to identify inventory, assemblies, tools, finished products, or work in progress. Valve-actuated mechanism prevents paint in barrel from drying when cap is left off.

Metal Marking Pens Features:

  •  Several colors
  •  Three tip sizes
  •  Valve action tips
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