Industrial Metal Supply offers high precision metal sawing and metal shearing services to give you materials that better match your requirements. We are more than just metal suppliers—we provide first-step processing to save you time and money on your project.

California and Arizona Metal Plate Cutting Services

Metal plate cutting services are available in all 6 IMS locations throughout California and Arizona. For custom cuts with consistent and precise sizes, metal shearing and sawing is useful for a wide range of industries where accurate metal cuts are necessary.

California Metal Shearing and Metal Sawing Services Near You

Arizona Metal Shearing and Metal Sawing Services Near You

metal sawing & metal shearing

Precision Metal Sawing for Arizona and California

Metal sawing utilizes saw teeth to remove strips of metal. Metal sawing provides cutting that is uniform, that can cut a wide range of materials. Our precision metal sawing capabilities include utilizing a high precision MetlSaw system for close tolerance (±0.005”) metal plate sawing.
  • A unique combination of accuracy, speed, and automated capabilities set MetlSaw metal cutting machines apart from other sawing systems.
  • Our advanced equipment enables us to produce high precision parts with a single cut, and with little or no subsequent machining required.
  • Metal sawing is well suited for thick materials like tubing.

production shearing for metal

California and Arizona Production Metal Shearing

Metal shearing involves using upper and lower offset blades to cut through metal materials. One blade remains stationary while the other blade slices through the sheet metal. Our metal shearing capabilities allow us to make straight cuts on flat metal materials up to 1/2” thick.
  • Generally, any geometrical shape requiring straight-line cuts can be produced via shearing. With our metal shearing expertise, we can deliver custom metal parts to match your unique specifications.
  • Metal shearing is well suited for high volume runs that require smooth surface finishes.

metal cutting & band sawing Metal Plate Cutting and Metal Band Sawing

Our warehouse locations are also equipped with high speed, high productivity metal plate cutting and metal band sawing machinery.
  • These precision metal sawing and cutting stations are set up for fast response to custom-cut requests for metal bars, tubes, and shapes.

We provide simple cut-to-length services, complex geometric cutting processes, and more to give you metal materials that meet your design specifications. 

IMS Metal Sawing and Shearing Advantages

  • Reduce lead time and cost with our first-operation services
  • Prototypes or production quantities in the tens of thousands
  • Extensive in-stock inventory of materials
  • Quotes within one business day
  • Engineers on staff
  • 24-hour production and express service available
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • We can produce precision parts from DXF files, basic sketches, or any other file options

Metal Cutting Services from a Trusted California, Arizona, and Northern Mexico Supplier

Our custom metal cutting capabilities include a wide range of cutting services, including:

Discuss Your Metal Shearing and Sawing Service Needs with Us

With a huge inventory of materials and full-service metal shearing and sawing capabilities, Industrial Metal Supply makes it easy to get the materials you need, just the way you need them. Request a quote or contact us to discuss metal plate sawing and shearing for your project.

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