Aluminum Angle, Tee & Other Shapes

Structural aluminum channel, tee, and other shapes provide high-strength support and reliability for applications that span countless industries. Aluminum angles, tees, and shapes offer an excellent substation for steel when high strength characteristics need to be maintained without sacrificing weight and corrosion resistance.

IMS Handles Any Size Aluminum Structural Shape Order

With seven locations throughout California and Arizona, IMS is a full-service metal supplier that understands what you need. Our inventory of metal products includes a broad range of metal shapes and an extensive selection of alloys. We offer the following advantages:

IMS Is Your Local Aluminum Supplier

At IMS, we provide unsurpassed next-day delivery or same-day Will Call pick up at any of our seven locations. With more than 400,000 square feet of warehouse space and the ability to cut your metal to size, we are well equipped to handle all-sized orders.
From selling one piece in our stores to delivering truckloads of metal to your location, we partner with all types and sizes of customers. Whether you’re a large government contract supplier or a one-person welding shop, we have you covered.

Aluminum Structural Shape 6061 vs. 6063

Similar in overall composition and mechanical properties, aluminum 6061 and 6063 are popular for extrusions and numerous industrial applications. Aluminum 6061 and 6063 both contain magnesium and silicon, delivering increased strength and reduced melting temperatures. Aluminum beneficial advantages include:

Aluminum Shape Applications

Aluminum angles and tees are used within numerous industrial applications, some of which include:
  • Scaffolding
  • Ship & Building Construction
  • Transmission Towers
  • Truck Trailers
  • Machine Parts
  • Furniture Applications

Aluminum Shape Product Options

We stock the following Al shapes in aluminum 6061, 6063, or both to match the order of categories listed at the top. If you have any questions regarding our aluminum shape options, please contact us for further details.

Premium Aluminum Shape Secondary Services

When you order from Industrial Metal Supply (IMS), we can cut your metal to size and deliver it the next day. If you require more extensive services than just sawing or shearing, we also offer the following advanced metal cutting options:  

Upload Competitor Pricing Quotes

IMS now allows you to upload competitor pricing through our checkout and shipping portal. Upload your competitor pricing, and we’ll do our best to match or beat their pricing and lead times.

Contact Industrial Metal Supply for Aluminum Structural Shape Available in Southern CA, AZ & Northern Mexico

Industrial Metal Supply stocks a wide range of sizes of aluminum channel, T-bar, and other shapes for your specific project needs. We offer quick delivery throughout the Southwest region and Mexico. Contact us today to discuss using aluminum structural shapes in your application.

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