Steel, also referred to as carbon steel, is an alloy of iron and carbon. Other alloying materials such as chromium, manganese or tungsten are also added to produce different grades of steel. The properties of steel metal include high tensile strength, ductility, malleability, durability, and thermal and electrical conductivity.
Its durability and tensile strength make steel resistant to fracture and breakage, which is why the material is widely used in structural applications.  Malleability and ductility allow steel to be easily shaped and formed into various configurations including sheets, tubes, bars, and structural shapes.

Carbon Steel Is the Preferred Material Choice for Numerous Industry Applications

Carbon steel is a low-cost, versatile material that is used in nearly every industry throughout the world for applications ranging from construction to appliances. The automotive industry uses it to manufacture car parts including engines, transmissions, and car bodies. Steel metal is used extensively in ships, submarines, and airplanes.  Manufacturers use it for household appliances including ovens, microwaves, washing machines and refrigerators.
In the construction industry, steel is used to construct buildings, tunnels, fencing, bridge components, roofing, and more. It is also used to manufacture the rebar that reinforces concrete for buildings, bridges, and roadways. The energy sector frequently uses steel in the construction of pipelines, wind turbines, and transformers.

Is There A Difference Between Hot and Cold Rolled Steel?

Some of our products are offered in hot rolled steel or cold rolled steel options. Hot rolled steel involves rolling the steel at temperatures over 1,700°F to make it easier to shape and form. After forming is complete, the steel is cooled. Hot rolled steel is typically used for construction and other applications that do not require precise shapes and tolerances.
Cold rolled steel is heated and cooled just like hot rolled steel but is then further processed using annealing or temper rolling. The additional processing allows for closer dimensional tolerances and provides a wide range of finishing options. This form of steel has a smoother finish and is used in applications requiring a specific surface condition and dimensional tolerance.

Trusted Steel Suppliers Serving Southern California, Arizona & Mexico

Industrial Metal Supply offers its customers an enormous line of carbon steel products. We have several Southern California locations including Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego. Our Arizona steel supplier locations include Tucson and Phoenix. Each of our shops provides steel metal and other materials in various sizes and configurations and offers cut-to-size services for custom lengths.
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High-Quality Carbon Steel Products from Trusted Suppliers

All our steel metal products are stored indoors and constructed of prime material, with the majority of product supplied from domestic mills. Our steel suppliers include Nucor, USS POSCO, Searing, Hannibal, and California Steel Industries.  The breadth and depth of our steel product lines allow us to fulfill much of our customers’ steel needs the same day through Will-Call at one of our Southern California or Arizona locations. We also offer next-day delivery.
Our extensive in-stock inventory of carbon steel metal products includes:
  • Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel Bar: Available in various shapes and profiles including round, square, rectangular, twisted, hex, flat, and strip. Our hot and cold rolled steel bars are offered in numerous diameters and we provide cut-to-length service.
  • Steel Tubing: Round, square, rectangular, and telescoping steel tubing is offered in various standard diameters and wall thicknesses. We carry 4130 Chromoly and DOM steel tubing and can cut any of our products to your specified length.
  • Steel Sheet and Plate: Options include hot and cold rolled steel sheets, diamond tread plates, AR500 steel plates, pre-cut base plates and gussets, Blanchard ground pre-cut squares, corrugated sheets, and perforated steel sheets. Our steel sheets and plates are offered in several alloys and standard thicknesses, widths, and lengths.
  • Steel Structural Shapes: Our full line of steel structural shapes includes angle, channel, beam and tee configurations in standard sizes and lengths. Products can also be cut to a specific length based on your requirements.
  • Tool Steel Bar: We stock square or rectangular O-1 and A-2 grade tool steel bars, and round O-1 grade tool steel bars in standard lengths, widths, and diameters.
  • Steel Rebar: Our ASTM-A615 Grade 40 steel rebar is available in 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4” diameters and 10’ or 20’ lengths.
  • Steel Pipe: Select from uncoated, black coated, and galvanized steel pipe in nominal sizes from 1/4” to 6” and 7’ or 21’ lengths. Sizes and length options vary depending on the finish selected. Custom cut-to-length sizes are also available.
  • Ornamental (Wrought) Iron

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