Get Your Aluminum Railing Components Today in Arizona, California, and Northern Mexico

IMS carries a large selection of Hollaender Speed-Rail® fittings for many applications including, but not limited to, handrails, guardrails, playgrounds, solar panel mounting, store fixtures, offshore petro/chemical, industrial plants, racking systems, warehouses, health/medical buildings, recreational areas, amusement parks, film industries, and government facilities.  These structural pipe fittings aka Speed-Rail® are produced from only the highest quality materials such as Aluminum Alloy 535, the most corrosive resistant alloy available today. 

Why use Speed-Rail® for your next project?

  • Ease of Assembly - Only tools required are a saw, hex key and tape measure.
  • Speed of Installation - Cost savings when compared to welding.
  • Flexible - Can be used with galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel or black iron pipe.
  • Reusable - Systems can be easily disassembled and reconfigured.
railing      car with pipes connected to the front    Patio with railing