Silicon Bronze & Bearing Bronze Bar & Hollow

solid rod diagram hollow rod diagram
                   SOLID ROD                                                                    HOLLOW
             D = Diameter                                                                   D = Outside Diameter
             L = Length                                                                           T = Thickness
                                                                                                                L = Length

Read more about bearing bronze bar and hollow below!
Silicon bronze and bearing bronze bar and hollow are common materials in numerous industries and applications. The two bronze varieties exhibit high strength and good corrosion and wear resistance, and are non-magnetic. Silicon bronze bar and hollow are relatively easy to machine, work, and form; bearing bronze bar and hollow are more challenging to work with.

Applications for Bearing Bronze and Silicon Bronze Bar & Hollow

Bearing bronze bar and hollow are characterized by high corrosion resistance, high wear resistance, and high hardness. Bearing bronze is often used to produce bearings, bushings, and the like.
Silicon bronze bar and hollow are also highly corrosion resistant, and have a natural lubricity thanks to the silicon content. Silicon bronze is roughly as strong as steel. These properties make bearing bronze bar and hollow ideal for pumps, boilers, and similar uses, as well as salt water and fresh water applications.

Available Silicon Bronze & Bearing Bronze Materials

Industrial Metal Supply supplies bearing bronze and silicon bronze in various forms. Our selection of silicon and bearing bronze includes:

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