Galvanized Steel Sheet & Plate

Diagram that shows how to measure metal
         T = Thickness
         W = Width
          L = Length

Galvanization is a manufacturing process that utilizes zinc to coat a flat piece of metal, resulting in a galvanized steel sheet or plate. Galvanized steel sheet metal and plate are regularly used in applications where corrosion resistance is a priority, providing a lifespan of 20 years or more at moderate temperatures.

Read more about hot dipped galvanized steel sheet and plate below!

Galvanized Plate & Sheet Steel Advantages

Galvanization is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron to prevent untimely rust and corrosion. Hot-dip galvanization is one of the most trusted methods of protecting steel materials against corrosion. Hot dipped steel sheet metal advantages include:
  • Enhanced “rust free” protection
  • Easy inspection process
  • Cost-effective
  • Lower maintenance
  • Longer life expectancy

The Steel Sheet & Plate Galvanization Process: Rust Proof Protection

The galvanization process is commonly applied using a hot-dip method that protects and prevents corrosion and rusting. The galvanized zinc outer layer protects the substrate metal by acting as a barrier to corrosive elements; the outer zinc coating sacrifices itself to protect the inner steel, resulting in a long-lasting and high-quality steel product.

Galvanized Steel Sheet Metal Applications

Galvanized steel sheets and plate are easy to drill, form and weld, offering a perfect option for industries such as agriculture, automotive, wind and solar, construction, and telecommunications to manufacture their products. Hot dipped steel plates and sheet are often used to produce the following products:
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Building panels
  • Roofing
  • Wall panels

Galvanized Sheet & Plate Size Options

Industrial Metal Supply stocks the galvanized steel plate and sheet you need. We offer high-quality steel galvanized products in a range of standard thicknesses and lengths to provide a product that meets your requirements. Galvanized sheet metal width and length options include:
  • 36”
  • 48”
  • 60”
  • 96”
  • 120”
  • 144”

Galvanized Sheet Metal Gauge & Metal Thickness

Gauge is used to measure sheet metal thickness. A smaller gauge number reflects a thicker sheet metal— standard gauge numbers for steel range from 7 through 28. Choosing the correct metal gauge for your application, regardless of your fabrication needs, cannot be overlooked. Choosing a gauge that is thicker and more resistant to fabrication can adversely affect your projects.

Galvanized Steel Plate & Sheet Conversions Calculators

Our simple-to-use converters and metal weight calculators allow you to side-step traditional by-hand conversions and input your exact criteria, avoiding the hassle of paper and hand calculations.

Galvanized Steel vs Stainless Steel

Stainless steel offers increased strength and corrosion resistance for projects that require increased elemental protection. However, galvanized steel is the option for applications requiring increased ductility and ease of use.
For more information regarding galvanized steel, refer to our blog post regarding the differences between steel sheet and steel plate products.

The IMS Difference: Galvanized Steel Sheet & Plate Purchasing Made Simple

IMS is your trusted galvanized sheet metal supplier. Get the high-quality galvanized products you need and keep your project on time and within budget. To provide the highest quality service in the industry, we offer the following advantages:
  • Next-day delivery of processed material via our trucks
  • Same-day pick-up in Will-Call
  • No minimum purchase
  • Unprecedented customer service
  • Support of Just-in-Time manufacturing processes
  • Salespeople that act as an extension of your purchasing department (we will get any metal products you need)
  • Material management (stocking and delivery on a scheduled basis)
  • Credit lines with good terms
  • Seven stores are open six days a week (check each location for specific times)
  • Shop by metal alloy

Order Galvanized Sheet Metal & Plate Today

In the market for galvanized sheet metal suppliers that provide premium quality products and unparalleled customer service? Industrial Metal Supply stocks a wide range of galvanized sheet and plate sizes for your project needs. 
We offer quick delivery throughout the Southwest region, including California, Arizona, and Nevada. Contact us today to discuss galvanized steel sheet and plate for your project needs.

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