IMS Takes on King of the Hammers 2017!  
We are excited to announce our continued participation in the grueling King of The Hammers off-road event. IMS will serve as a featured metal provider offering free material during the prep-week, clear through the headline race.

The weeklong event, scheduled for the week of February 3–11, 2017 in Johnson Valley, California, is one of the most brutal off-road races in the world, with only about 20% of participants able to complete the course. The headline race takes place on February 10, 2017.

We are pleased to be the sole metal need provider for the RuffStuff Specialties Open Pit during the event. In this capacity, they will operate a completely free Repair Zone for racers to mend their “Rock Crawlers.” The repair center provides metals, as well as the ability to use welding equipment and other tools needed to make repairs to damages encountered while on the course. This community resource shop adds much convenience to teams in this high-risk race in a very remote location.

We are delighted to partner with several leading race teams this year, including Proving Grounds, Savvy Offroad, Jager 2337, Mitch Guthrie, Rob Maccachren, and two-time Queen of The Hammers Jessi Combs.

 Fans and friends be sure to stop by the Open Pit too! Pick up some 20% off coupons and KOH limited edition dust shield/facemasks.

2016 Pre-Race Interview with Savvy Offroad driver Jessi Combs

Jessi Combs stopped by the free racer repair zone at KOH put on by Ruff Stuff Specialties & Industrial Metal Supply, to work on the Savvy Car #88 car just one day before the big race! She sheds a little light on exactly why this is considered to be one of the toughest races in the world, and some of the preparation taking place in Hammer Town leading up to it.


2016 KOH Race Recap with Savvy Offroad driver Jessi Combs


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