Industrial Metal Supply will now carry premium steel shooting targets in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price points. The targets are designed to be incredibly durable and safer than other designs on the market today.
Industrial Metal Supply announces the arrival of abrasion resistant steel shooting targets at all six retail locations as well as online. The AR500 targets are fashioned from premium steel designed to be incredibly durable and more safe than many other models on the target. The steel carries a brindell hardness rating of 500. This superior hardness deflects bullets, greatly discouraging target denting or deforming that could create safety hazards. Mild steel (hardness rating of 120) will be easily pierced while mid-grade steel (including T-1 steel) can also be easily damaged.
Additionally, the AR500 is cut from one solid metal piece with holes drilled directly into the product for hanging. Many other targets are designed to hang from brackets, clamps, or bolts. This one-piece construction eliminates safety concerns from bullets breaking or bending additional elements on the targets.

The AR500 is precision cut with Industrial Metal Supply’s Hi Def Plasma machine. This further enhances the durability and safety of the product as the targets are cut in a random fashion to spread the heat distribution in a way that does not compromise the hardness of the target.
The AR500 comes in both gong and ISPC (International Shooting Practice Consideration) styles. Gong style targets are available in six sizes ranging from four to ten inches in diameter and 3/8” and ½” thicknesses. Prices range from $10.99-$46.99. The ISPC shaped targets come in just one size, ½” x 18” x 26, and are priced at $111.99.
The targets are currently available at all six IMS locations across California and Arizona. The AR500 is also available for purchase online with shipping available anywhere in the United States.
About Industrial Metal Supply
A true family business, IMS opened for business in 1947 when founder Norman Sherman and wife Sally began making deliveries out of the backseat of their Pontiac station wagon. Since the late 1940s the company has expanded into multiple locations, boasts more than 400,000 square feet of warehouse space, and has become one of the most respected metal suppliers on the west coast. IMS provides rapid turnaround through next day delivery of processed metals, same day pick up in any one of the six stores or Will-Call. After almost 70 years there are still no minimum purchase requirements. 

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