Aluminum is a highly versatile metal used for a wide range of applications, from industrial and architectural jobs to consumer goods, appliances, and DIY designs. The benefits of aluminum are hard to beat: Aluminum is light in weight yet strong, corrosion resistant yet highly formable. It has an attractive appearance and is very easy to recycle, making it environmentally friendly.
  • Aluminum pipe provides a low-cost, lightweight protective conduit for electrical wiring.
  • Aluminum trim, rails, and siding are a great choice for corrosion-resistance and an attractive appearance on any building.
  • For DIY interior design projects, aluminum sheet works with almost any style décor, from retro to farmhouse, minimalist to eclectic.
  • Aluminum bar has many different applications in medical assembly, aircraft construction, structural components, and commercial transportation.
Industrial Metal Supply, the aluminum specialist of the Southwest, works directly with the largest US-based aluminum mills, including Alcoa, Kaiser Aluminum, and Service Center Metals – providing our customers with consistent, high-quality products shipped daily. If you need technical input, let us know, and we’ll bring our mill reps to your business.

Save thousands of dollars and ample production time by taking advantage of a custom extrusion, using either one of the thousands of standard dies from our mill’s libraries or working with mill experts to create a proprietary die that specifically meets your needs.

infographic with most common uses and properties of aluminum

Check out Industrial Metal Supply’s infographic below to find out more about aluminum’s remarkable properties and benefits, and the many ways it can be used.


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