• Brand: Forney

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Shell and Headgear Features:
  • Lightweight (less than 1 lb), impact resistant, fireproof shell
  • Quick-fit, 5-point adjustable geared headband with sweatband mechanism greatly reduces head, neck strain and general fatigure caused by repeated loweing of the helmet during day-to-day welding operations
Auto-darkening Filter (ADF) Features:
  • 5.97 SQ. in. (3.62" x 1.65") viewing area
  • DIN 9 to 13 variable shade selection (TIG operable to 15 amps)
  • Two optical arc sensors help protect against the hazards of arc flash
  • 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating
  • UV/IR coating to reduce scratching and discoloration of the lens
  • 1/16,000 per second switching speed
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