Industrial Metal Supply opened its seventh location in San Jose in 2022 to expand its supplying capabilities to Santa Clara County and surrounding areas. Bringing “metal made easy” solutions to manufacturing operations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, IMS is proud to offer a variety of metal products and accessories in a range of sizes, as well as secondary services to prepare components for the next fabrication stage.
We strive to satisfy the needs of Bay Area metal buyers in the tech and aerospace industries, medical device and equipment manufacturers, fabricators, artists, engineers, contractors, and more with exceptional service and products from a metal distributor with 75 years of experience.

San Jose Store Offerings

With the expansion to Santa Clara County, IMS can provide our unique metal buying experience to more businesses and hobbyists. The IMS San Jose store stocks a vast inventory of metal products and accessories. Our stock includes a tremendous variety of metal offerings, including steel, aluminum, stainless, copper, and brass, as well as specialty alloys and hard-to-find products such as:
  • Tool Steel
  • Hollaendar Speed-Rail Fittings
  • Expanded Sheet
  • Perforated Sheet
  • Welded Wire Sheet
  • Lead
  • Casters
  • Welding Rod
  • Patinas
  • Structural Aluminum Pipe Fittings
  • Hobbyist Miniature Shapes
Our stores are organized in a clean, indoor space to make it fast and easy, as well as enjoyable to shop and navigate.

Contact IMS for High-Quality Metal Products in Santa Clara County

An experienced metal supplier, Industrial Metal Supply offers an extensive inventory of metal products, accessories, and services. We aim to provide quality metal offerings to industrial operations and manufacturers in Santa Clara County and surrounding areas. Contact us for more information regarding our metal products or request a quote for a service today.

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