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How Metal Distributors Cut Your Metal

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Cutting metal is achieved with many different methods. Secondary services from metal distributors offer professional precision in cutting various metal materials. Understand the benefits of choosing a quality metal distributor for your industrial metal-cutting services.

Advantages of Metal Suppliers for Cutting Services

The best way to cut metal is determined by the metal material, the dimensions required, and the end-use purpose. Deciding between a professional metal cutter and a DIY cutting service can influence the quality of your metal product, how long it takes to complete fabrication, and product quantity capabilities.

Professional Cutting Services vs. DIY Metal Cutting

Trusting a metal distributor with your industrial cutting services provides meaningful benefits, such as utilizing state-of-the-art technology and proven metal cutting expertise and processes.

With DIY cutting, more than one type of equipment may be needed to achieve complex or challenging cuts. Working with experienced metal cutters includes the benefits of understanding cutting equipment processes to machine a component to your exact needs. Trusting your industrial metal cutting with advanced operators and equipment also reduces material loss and inexact cuts, saving cost and time to fabricate precision parts.

Industrial Metal Supply is a Quality Metal Distributor

We are a full-service metal distributor, providing capabilities and metal materials to California and Arizona manufacturers since 1948. From the humble beginnings of selling usable scrap from a station wagon, IMS has grown into a multimillion-dollar regional metal distributor. With seven active locations and over 400,000 sq. ft. of operating space, Industrial Metal Supply offers an extensive metal product inventory with processing services to fabricate a metal solution to your requirements.

Catering to diverse industries and customer needs, IMS stocks metal materials ranging from aluminum and stainless steel to specialty alloys that can fabricate components into any shape with high-technology services, including prototyping and custom extrusion capabilities. We offer fast turnaround, with products available for next-day local delivery by truck or same-day pick-up at Will-Call.

Professional Metal Cutting from a Trusted Metal Supplier

Industrial metal cutting services from IMS delivers quality metal products with precision. With over 75 years of experience, we are confident we can provide the challenging metal-cutting services required by application requirements. Our secondary services include: Our industrial metal-cutting services provide clean finishes and tight tolerances. IMS has the technology and expertise to fabricate high-quality, precision components to exact application requirements.

Secondary Services for Industrial Metal Cutting from IMS

Professional cutting services are essential in delivering precise industrial metal products. Industrial Metal Supply offers secondary services using the latest technology to fabricate a complete metal solution. Our capabilities include various metal cutting methods effective with multiple metal materials, from steel and aluminum to specialty alloys. Value-added services are available at any of our seven locations. With quick and easy communication from IMS, we provide next-day local delivery and same-day pick-up at Will-Call. Our promise is to supply industrial metal products with unrivaled expertise and time-tested processes.

Industrial Metal Supply is a Full-Service Metal Distributor

IMS is a quality metal supplier offering industrial metal cutting services to provide metal products for any industrial project. Our products are available for next-day truck delivery or same-day pick-up at Will-Call. We require no minimum order purchase, and metal production processes include the support of Just-in-Time manufacturing practices. Contact Industrial Metal Supply or request a custom service today.
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