The Advantages of HD Plasma Cutting

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HD plasma is a cutting process that erodes material by applying an electrode arc within a superheated gas plasma stream. The plasma cutting system directs the arc while blasting out the material from the cut. HD plasma cutting is not recommended for small, intricate pieces, unlike laser cutting. Instead, a plasma cutting system cuts heavier materials for coarse processing.

What are the Different Types of Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting exists in several different formats. Your specific application will dictate which is best for your application. This article will focus primarily on HD plasma cutting. However, to provide a reference, the other types of plasma cutting systems include:
  • Conventional
  • Water injection
  • Underwater
  • Precision
  • Air
  • Mechanized
  • Dual gas

What is HD Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting systems utilize high-temperature, ionized gas plasma to cut aluminum and stainless steel. The temperatures within an HD plasma cutter can exceed 40,000 degrees F. During the cutting process, an electric arc is struck between the electrode and the workpiece. The electrode is contained within a water- or air-cooled gas nozzle, creating a narrow, high-temperature, high-velocity plasma jet.

What Type of Gases Do Plasma Cutting Systems Use?

There are several different types of gases used within a plasma cutting system. The material being cut, the thickness of the material, and the quality of the cut needed will ultimately determine which gas is suitable for the job. The types of plasma-cutting gas include:
  • Compressed air
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Argon/hydrogen

What Materials Can an HD Plasma Cutting System Process?

Plasma cutting systems use high-velocity ionized gas to create a flame to cut various electrically conductive metals. These metals include:

HD Plasma Cutting Advantages

There are several benefits to using a plasma cutting system compared to other cutting methods. HD plasma cutting machines provide the following advantages:
  • Increased versatility
  • Fast
  • Easy-to-use
  • High-quality precision cuts
  • Ideal for several thicknesses
  • Energy-efficient
  • Enhanced precision and repeatability

How Thick Can Plasma Cutters Cut?

Plasma cutting provides high-quality cutting for thicknesses up to 50mm, with maximum thickness cuts up to 150mm. The cutting depth is why HD plasma cutting is ideal for thicker metal pieces, and laser cutting provides more accuracy for thinner metal pieces.

The IMS Difference

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IMS – Your Preferred Source for HD Plasma Cutting Services

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