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Aluminum Plates

To qualify as a plate, aluminum must be thicker than 1/4”. Typically produced by rolling ingots into the desired shape, aluminum plates are intended for demanding applications in industrial and even military fields, since they’re much stronger than sheet metal. Like any other profile, plates can vary widely, depending on the particular alloy. At Industrial Metal Supply, we carry 6061 and cast tooling plate.

First, 6061 alloy contains tiny amounts of magnesium, silicon, and other minerals, which help to improve its machinability and strength. Ideal for heavy-duty structures, 6061 also has a strong resistance to corrosion, so it can be used effectively in the elements. On the other hand, cast tooling plates are structurally weaker than the 6061 alloy, but have a stronger internal stability that reduces distortion during machining, as well as flatness and resistance to corrosion. In medicine, technology, and other fields where stability is vital, these aluminum plates excel.

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