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IMS specializes in precision waterjet cutting of parts and components for industrial and commercial requirements. Waterjet cutting is an extremely efficient in creating complex shapes inexpensively and manufacturing forms ready for final machining. The newest waterjet allows us to offer taper control. The result is a very good surface with minimal or no striations allowing net shape manufacturing or near net shape (NSS) blanks for fast finishing. The waterjet will process a 6 foot by 12 foot plate.

Capabilities (each with a cut minimum thickness of .01)
  • Steel up to 8" thick
  • Stainless Steel up to 8" thick
  • Aluminum up to 8" thick

Who benefits from waterjet cutting services?

Machine Shops:

Allow us to precut your parts. We can hog out large or small parts with no heat affected zones. This will allow you to more tightly nest your waterjet parts in your mill, save milling time, save wear and tear on your machine, and save milling bits and other consumables.

Sign Companies:

We can cut you letters, marquees, banners or other artistic projects your customers want. We can waterjet cut virtually any size and font you can imagine. Allowing us to cut out your letters and marquees can free up your valuable resources for assembly and installation. We can custom cut any font in aluminum, stainless, steel or any other material your customer wants.

Metal Fabricators:

Our waterjet machining can precut your parts with minimum burr and no heat affected zones.

Manufacturing and Fabrication shops:

Allow us to prefabricate your parts, prior to your final process.

Artistic Designers:

If you can imagine it, we can cut it! We would love to help you create those artistic masterpieces. We can custom waterjet cut virtually any material in any shape.

Metal Stamping and Tool Die Makers:

Eliminate tooling costs on short run parts by having cut with our precision waterjet cutting applications. Hard to stamp materials are no problem for our waterjet shop.

Torched or Burned parts:

Have a part that is too thick for plasma or laser cutting? We can waterjet cut that part and there will be no heat affected zones and no secondary clean up.