Cold Rolled Steel Products for Baja California, Chihuahua & Sonora

Our extensive selection of cold rolled steel products is available in a variety of steel alloys, lengths, finishes, and ASTM specifications.

Trusted Cold Rolled Steel Supplier for Mexico

  • US domestic supplier of cold rolled steel to Mexicali, Tijuana, El Paso, and Nogales
  • We purchase cold rolled steel from top mills in the USA
  • Expedited delivery to the border
    • Delivery can be next day, including delivery to border towns south of California and Arizona
  • Documentation. Metal material arrives with proper documentation for export
  • Locked-in pricing. Fixed-price contracts are available for different metals
  • Our extensive selection of metal products includes aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and copper

Markets that Benefit from Cold Rolled Steel Products

While cold rolled steel is useful for a variety of industries, industries that benefit from cold rolled steel include:
  • Automotive parts manufacturers
  • Aerospace design and engineering manufacturers
  • Appliance manufacturers
  • Medical device and tool manufacturers

Value Added Cold Rolled Steel Services

Industrial Metal Supply’s metal services include the following value added services:

High-Quality Cold Rolled Steel for Mexico

Cold rolled steel, also known as CR steel, is ideal for precision projects that require tight tolerances and high strength. It is often used for high load-bearing applications. Common applications for cold rolled steel include interior and exterior automotive parts, appliance parts, parts that require high surface finishes, and parts that require structural strength.

Get the high-quality cold rolled steel you need by requesting a quote today. Our customer service team can help determine which cold rolled steel products are best suited for your application requirements. 

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