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Welding Magnets

Adjust-O Magnet
Adjust-O Magnet
Corner Magnet
Corner Magnet - 60 & 90 degrees
Snake Magnet
Snake Magnet


Adjust-O Magnet Squares - With the exclusive ON / OFF Switch!

Fast, safe, easy to use! Holds work firmly at 45° and 90°. Set to OFF while setting the fit-up, then turn ON when you’re ready to work. Easy to clean. Simply turn OFF and wipe! Ideal for round and square tubing, angle and flat stock.

Strong Hand Part No.MSA46-HD & MSA48-HD


Mini Magnets - Ideal for light duty, tight-space set-ups!

Precise holding at multiple angles while soldering, brazing, and welding at 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°. Center hole for easier handling.

Strong Hand Part No. MS346AT(Twin Pk)  MS346AK (6-Pk)


Adjust-O Dual Switch Magnets &Adjust-O Angle Magnet

These heavy duty magnets combine the convenience of ON / OFF switches with heavy duty magnetic force for professional jobs. Securely hold flat and round workpieces.

Safe, convenient set-up! Turn OFF during set-up, turn ON when you’re ready to work!

Precision machined flat and V surfaces for round, square tubing, angled and flat stock.

Strong Hand Part No. MS2-80 & MS2-90


MagTab™ - The better, faster way to hold tabs in place for tack welding!

Hold tabs, or any small metal pieces, parallel or perpendicular to the substructure.

The Adjustable Magnetic V-shape base adjusts for different shapes: round, flat, angled metal surfaces.

Strong Hand Part No. MFT10



Corner Magnet™- Hold corners from the outside for out-of-the-way clamping!

Use the Corner Magnet to hold workpieces from the outside, for inside welds! Create 90°corners by holding frames from the outside, providing an unobstructed area inside. A one way corner relief provides clearance for tall lips or other obstacles. The outer edge of the Corner Magnet provides a 60° angle.

Strong Hand Part No. MST327


Snake Magnet Ideal for assembly, repair, or creative projects.

Position round, flat,or angled metal pieces. Assembly includes: 18” flex cable, two flat magnetic pads, and one Spring Clamp.

Strong Hand Part No. MFC318

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