We stock so many products that we had to create one big category called “Accessories” just to hold all the items that don’t have their own metal category. These products are often hard to find or must be purchased in large quantities from a wholesaler, but here at IMS you can get all of it in any quantity! These products will help you get your job done faster and in one stop! This is the only place where you’ll find a few finished products and not just raw metal – shooting targets, metal silhouettes of everything from vintage cars to animals, corner guards and auto ramps can be found here.
You’ll also see hundreds of products that you need and often times don’t know where to find them. From safety gear to steel corner guards and metal degreasers, we have it ready and in stock. It’s all here, so look no further!

What you’ll find:

  • Safety glasses, gloves and respirators
  • Adhesives
  • Lubricants
  • Metal degreasers and cleaners
  • Ramps and grating
  • Vinyl flooring and rubber matting
  • Cargo management and tie-downs
  • AR500 Shooting targets in various sizes
  • Ramps & grating
  • Flashlights (not just your average one either!)
  • Metal markers
  • Books & DVDs