Industrial Metal Supply is your most competitive edge for Aluminum plate, sheet, bar, shapes and tube in Southern California and Arizona. We work with the best producers globally because we know how important quality Aluminum is to your business. If you need technical input we’ll bring our mill reps to your business. 
Aluminum Brochure                                                       Aluminum Minimum Bend Radius                                                 
Aluminum Plate Tolerances
                                          Aluminum Temper Designation
Aluminum Sheet vs. Steel Sheet Stiffness                  Aluminum Sheet Thickness Tolerances

Aluminum Processing Services

Need your aluminum cut to size? We offer cutting, precision sawing and shearing of aluminum (and all metals for that matter) and in many cases you can pick up your processed aluminum the day you order it using our will-call service. Or get it delivered the next morning. We offer quick turnaround because we stock most the metal and can cut to size the day you order it.

Custom Extrusions for Aluminum and More

Our customers have saved thousands of dollars and ample production time by taking advantage of a custom extrusion. You can use one of the thousands of standard dies from our mill’s libraries or work with mill experts to create a proprietary die that specifically meets your needs. Why not take advantage of bringing in a mill expert to further extend the quality of your manufactured products?

Metal Contracts

We are happy to set up metal contracts for those products that you order time and time again. With metal market pricing being rather volatile why not lock in a price for several months? We’re in the inventory business so let us store and deliver your materials on an as-needed basis.

Stocked aluminum products include:

  • Rod & bar
  • Shapes (structural and extruded)
  • Sheet & Coil
  • Plate
  • Tube
  • Pipe
  • Cast Ground Tooling Plate
  • Perforated and Expanded sheet
  • Structural Slip-on Pipe Fittings (Hollaendar SpeedRail™, Nu Rail™)
  • ​Custom aluminum extrusions

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