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Aluminum Piping

At Industrial Metal Supply, our aluminum pipe is offered in two distinct alloys: 6061 and 6063. First, 6061 aluminum includes a small percentage of magnesium and silicon, which improves its machinability and welding strength. With a 90% machinability rating, it’s easy to drill, stamp, bend, and cut the 6061 alloy when in an annealed state. Often used for machine parts, trucks, heavy-duty appliances, and any other applications that require improved durability, 6061 alloy is extremely strong.

Meanwhile, the 6063 alloy has better corrosion resistance and formability than 6061 aluminum pipe, which makes it more versatile (but weaker structurally). Typically, pipe is measured via the inside diameter, while tubing is measured by its outside diameter and metal thickness. Whether you need aluminum piping for its relatively light weight, heat transferability, or other chemical properties, IMS has a wide range of quality pipes.

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