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Welding Titanium

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Remove any oil, grease, or grinding dust from the welding surfaces by cleaning them with steam. You can also mix alkali with a dilute solution of sodium hydroxide for a quality clean. 

Use lint-free gloves and methyl alcohol to give the metal a final wipe. You'll risk spreading chlorine all over the surface with rubber gloves, and unwelcomed oils if wearing no gloves at all. 

Make sure all cleaning surfaces are completely dry before welding. Blow drying the metal is a quick and easy option.

Use a Shielding Gas

A shielding gas shoots from the torch and assists in keeping oxide away from the weld. Argon is the preferred shielding gas for welding titanium. The purity of the argon needs to be analyzed 

using the proper industry-approved equipment before you start. If it’s at least 99.995% pure, you have the green light to apply it to the weld.

Make it a habit to test the argon on a scrap piece before working on your actual project. If you don't rely on an analytical tool to test its purity, then take a close look at the color coming from the torch. Any hint of blue is a sign that the argon is not pure enough.

The Welding Process 

With a clean surface and shielding gas in place, it's time to strike an arc with a titanium welding rod or filler rod. The filler rod goes along the weld as an electrode, which helps heat the base metal. 

You'll want to clean the filler rod using the same materials you used to clean the titanium. Then activate your welding machine and strike the titanium with the rod as if you're lighting a match. The argon should provide a protective cover along the way that prevents the titanium from becoming oxidized.

For a titanium weld to work, the torch must remain in place until the metal cools below 500°F. As long as you combine the proper technique with a clean, contaminant-free workspace, the result will be a shiny, smooth, and pure piece of titanium.

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