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Sheet metal décor can bring a whole new look to office interiors. When looking for industrial office design inspiration, consider the many creative ways that metal sheet and pipe can be used.


Lightweight aluminum is the ideal sheet metal material for a wide variety of architectural applications, including wall panels, stairways, and more. Aluminum privacy panels, either plain or perforated, can give a modern, clean look to industrial office décor.


Aluminum diamond or tread plate provides traction on stairs and protection for walls and columns. Pre-painted aluminum sheet offers a hard, abrasive-resistant coating that can be extensively formed and fabricated.

Steel Chic

Steel is the classic industrial office design material, used for everything from shelves, window frames, and air-ducts, to walls, floors and ceilings. Steel combines well with wood and glass, and can support ultra-modern, mid-century, eclectic, and almost any other style.


Steel pipe and sheet can be used for light fixtures, desks, chairs, and other furniture. Steel accessories, such as planters, door hardware, towel bars, and coat hooks carry through the industrial design scheme.

Corrugated Steel

For a more traditional style, use corrugated sheet for a backsplash or line an island in the company kitchen – or lend a rustic look to an outdoor bar, complete with a corrugated "tin roof." Bathrooms are an excellent place to incorporate corrugated metal sheet on stalls, backsplashes, and shower enclosures.


Use corrugated sheet as wainscoting in a lobby or entrance area, or to line the half-wall around a staircase opening. You can use galvanized or Galvalume sheet to prevent rusting, or go with plain steel corrugated sheet that has been rusted in the open air.

Embossed and textured sheet

Deep-textured, three-dimensional, Rigidized® embossed and textured sheet in a variety of metals and patterns adds the perfect design touch for industrial office projects. The deep-texturing process enhances the durability and beauty of metal sheet, while adding strength, impact resistance, and the ability to hide scratches. Textured sheet also eliminates glare, which can be a critical design factor.


Rigidized sheet is available in stainless steel, copper, and brass – in a wide range of finishes and patterns. These materials can add drama to an office wall, floor, ceiling, or countertop.

 Check out the wide range of metals available for industrial office décor.

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