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Highlighting the Work of Metal-Based Artists

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Artistic sculpture made of industrial metals such as steel and copper sheet is becoming more and more popular, for use in both modern and traditional architectural settings. The following artists have honed their craftsmanship to design stunningly beautiful works of metal art that adorn tables, gardens, fountains, and interior and exterior walls.

Repoussé and Chasing Technique

Sculptor and metalsmith Jeremy Maronpot creates freestanding objects and wall sculptures depicting natural objects – such as a honeycomb, maple leaves, or a cat – as well as organic abstract designs. Maronpot specializes in the repoussé and chasing technique, which involves hammering a sheet of metal from both sides to create a texture or low relief.


metal artwork by Jeremy Maronpot

A six-foot tall structure in North Carolina from Jeremy Maronpot
His creations include a woodland gate of hand-forged steel pipe shaped like branches welded together in a floating design. The pipes were hammered in, to give them the texture of bark, and then allowed to rust for a more natural feel.

Metal and Glass – With a Twist

Paul Hill uses industrial metal to create sculpture that echoes nature, but with a twist. His giant glowing green glass Venus flytrap leaves loom high above street level on tall corten steel stems.


Paul Hill industrial metal sculpture

A riveted cattle skull in polished aluminum sports a pair of copper patina horns.
Hill used silicon bronze with a Jax patina to create a fountain commissioned for a farming corporation featuring a giant human hand holding a 4-ft. tall baby chick that has just hatched from its shell.

Gifts from Nature

Metalsmith Elizabeth Goluch designs exquisite, larger-than life metal sculptures of insects and other objects from nature. Gold, silver, enamel and gemstones are all incorporated in the construction, with obvious rivets and articulated body parts, The life-like details show the artist’s love of the natural world.


Some are fashioned into jewelry, such as brooches and rings, but most are standalone sculptures that conceal a tiny treasure within.

"Ladybug, ladybug fly away home,

Your house is on fire and your children are gone,

All except one, And her name is Ann,

And she hid under the frying pan." Metal ladybug by Elizabeth Goluch

For example, a beautiful 5.5-inch long creation opens up to reveal a miniature gold house – which itself opens up to show a ladybug and a doll-sized frying pan:


Fine Metal Art

Nicholas Yust, a fine metal artist, specializes in unique handmade original and signature series metal sculptures in an ultra-modern style for home and office interiors. His offerings include wall hangings and free standing sculptures in panels and geometric shapes.


fine metal art by Nicholas Yust

Yust uses steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze, with both natural metal finishes and vibrant painted finishes.
The artist hand-selects the alloys for his creations to ensure environmental friendliness, as well as durability for indoor and outdoor placement. He adds signature decorative grind patterns to each individual piece, to utilize the reflection of light within the setting.


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