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Give Your Space An Industrial Look With These Metals

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Industrial furniture style makes for great DIY metal fabrication projects. From mirror polished stainless steel to aged and oxidized copper tubing, metal, in all its varieties, forms the heart of industrial design. Add the organic warmth of weathered or reclaimed wood, exposed pipes, earthy brick or concrete, rivets, and a touch of leather to round out your industrial style.

An Industrial Style Table

If you’re lucky enough to score a pair of vintage cast iron legs from an old lathe mill or workbench, re-purpose them into a side table or, depending on their length, a small café table. Craft a tabletop from reclaimed oak.

Industrial Bed Frame & Headboard steel tube file

Rectangular steel tubing can be cut to make the legs and frame for an industrial style bed. Use two longer tubes for the headboard and two shorter tubes for the foot of the bed. Weld all four supports to a rectangular frame made of steel angle. Then weld crossbars between the legs of the headboard and footboard, and several more across the base to support a mattress and box springs. Sand, prime, and paint the frame an industrial gray. To make an interesting headboard design, add horizontal strips of reclaimed wood coated in a non-toxic finish.

Industrial Computer Desk steel rectangular bar

Use square steel tube to build a framework for an open-shelf computer desk. Weld together two “pillars” consisting of four legs and two perforated steel shelves each. Weld a large rectangular frame across the top of the pillars, leaving a large enough space between them for your knees. Bolt a piece of polished, weathered wood across the frame to create the desktop. Hang a pull-out shelf for your keyboard under the central section of the desk.


By cutting a hole at the back near the base of one of the desk legs, you can string electric cables through the tube and up to the desktop, avoiding a messy tangle of cords. You could also build a matching steel tube stool with a wooden seat. To complete the industrial look, place wire or woven wood baskets on the open shelves for storage.


More DIY Industrial Metal Projects Ideas

  • Metal hardware casters can turn any size or height table or bookshelf into an industrial design showpiece.

  • Create a large metal wall clock reminiscent of an old-time factory.

  • Use woven or welded wire mesh as shelves for an industrial bookshelf or baker’s rack, or even the walls of a wine cabinet.

  • Create a pendant light with a steel or cast iron basket cover – and try finishing it with an antique patina.

  • Replace the wood doors on your kitchen cabinets with chicken wire or wire mesh.

  • Use copper tubing or steel pipes to support floating wooden shelves.

Find more creative ways to use sheet metal for DIY industrial projects on our blog.


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