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DIY Metal Wall Clock

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Looking for a fun DIY project creating a large metal wall clock? This project doubles as wall art, and depending on the way it’s designed, would fit perfectly into a rustic farmhouse, eclectic, modern, or industrial chic décor. Thirty inches in diameter is a good size for filling a large block of space, such as a brick or stone fireplace chimney.


How to Make a Clock From Metal


There are a few different ways to create a DIY clock from metal. The simplest method might start with a large square of stainless steel sheet cut to size and sanded or beveled to smooth out any sharp edges. You could choose a shiny, mirrored finish or a perforated or textured sheet.

Then, using a straight edge, draw a straight line from corner to corner, crossing in the middle, to find the exact center of the piece (don’t remove any protective backing until the project is completed). Drill a hole in the center to fit the clock mechanism and securely attach the spindle through the hole, using washers if needed to make a snug fit. Fix the hands to the front of the clock shaft and Voila! A DIY metal clock.


Other Methods For Making Your Own Clock


If you’re lucky enough to find a large old electric radiator/fan, you can re-use the metal circular frame for a clock. You might be able to find a set of metal clock numbers at a craft store. Or, to create Roman numerals, weld short sections of ¼-in. mild steel rods between the inner and outer loops of the fan.

If you don’t have a frame, try bending ¼-inch steel rod welded to several metal tabs that can be screwed down to a round plywood template the same size as the clock. Create a housing for the battery mechanism with a short length of metal pipe covered with a round of sheet metal. Make an inner ring about 4 inches smaller that the outer circle, and use four 1/8-in. rods in a cross shape to connect the rings and the battery housing in the center.

Weld the short rods between the inner and outer rings in the shape of the Roman numeral symbols from 1 to 12. Before the final weld, make sure the center of each symbol is exactly positioned at even intervals around the circles.

You may wish to paint the metal or add a patina to the clock frame before installing the hands and movement mechanism. Hang it on the wall, and enjoy!

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