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DFARS Compliance for Metals

Do you know the melt source of the metal you're using? On a regular basis, it may not matter to you, but it's important to be aware of where your metal is being melted.

Melt source doesn't matter in most day-to-day situations, as long as the metal is of good quality. However, you must know your melt source if you need to be DFARS compliant.

What DFARS Means

DFARS stands for the Defense Federal Acquisitions Regulation Supplement, and it's a restriction set by the United States Department of Defense. Any metal the DoD uses must comply with these rules, which also apply to any goods and services.

To be compliant, the metal must be melted in the United States or a qualifying country. There are several countries on the DFARS list. These countries include members of NATO, as well as several other nations, such as Japan and Israel.

Why It Matters

If you're working with the DoD, it's crucial to get compliant metal. Otherwise, you may be subject to a government investigation. You may also face steep fines, monetary withholding, delivery issues, and other sanctions.

In addition to official consequences, using non-compliant supplies may affect your likelihood of contract renewals in the future. It's essential to follow all guidelines to keep your client happy, as well as to stay within legal restrictions.

Checking Your Metals

Start by checking in with your metal vendor to find out if the materials you've been getting are compliant with DFARS. Your vendor should be able to easily confirm whether or not they are, or they may be marked with it already. For example, our aluminum sheets list their DFARS certification.

If you are compliant, you don't need to change anything moving forward. Make sure you let your vendor know that you need to use compliant metals moving forward to prevent miscommunication down the road.

If you’re not using compliant metal, speak with your vendor about switching to domestically melted options. They should be able to get you what you need, but it may have a higher cost or longer lead time. Prioritize ensuring your metal is compliant since the change could affect your budget and timeline.

At Industrial Metal Supply, we can help make sure that your metal is DFARS compliant, which can save you time and money in the long run.


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