As you get into stick welding, discover which ones to use and find the answers your questions - What's the difference between a 7018 and a 6013 electrode?
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For DIYers who are dreaming of making a cast iron or stainless steel grill grate project—find choice of material that best suites your project needs here!
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Quality assurance is a significant component of the metal manufacturing business. To prove and document that quality assurance for customers, companies use Mill test reports (MTRs).
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There are more ways to connect metal than through welding. Learn the process of tapping to master a safer, quicker version of reinforcing metal.
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Trying to match the right type of metal with a new project? Learn about DOM tubing and 4130-grade tubing and find out which is best for the task at hand.
Elevate your home decor with a fun DIY project and craft a metal candle holder or lantern with materials from Industrial Metal Supply!
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Let the quality of your business speak for itself when you become ISO certified. Learn about ISO certification and its different types of standards here.
Discover how powdered metals are used and the different methods for producing powdered metals and powder metallurgy. Get hot and cold pressing techniques here.
Do you know the melt source of the metal you're using? Find out the details and importance of knowing your melt source if you need to be DFARS compliant here!
Wondering how to solder brass or copper tubing? We'll tell you what tools to use, how to apply those tools, and more techniques here.
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If you’re ready to start bending metal but aren’t sure where to begin, we can help with our easy-to-follow instructions.
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Metalsmithing tools and techniques include heating metal, soldering pieces together, and decorating it with patterns and textures. Learn more here.
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Only certain marine metals and metal combinations can withstand the conditions of the sea. Use our guide to figure out which ones are the best and why.