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How to Select the Correct Angle Iron for Your Project

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Structural steel comprises of a variety of shapes including angle, beam, tee, and steel channel. Steel angle (also known as angle iron), is one of the most commonly used steel structural shapes due to its 90° L-shape and useful mechanical properties. Angle iron can be manufactured in different steel and metal alloys, in both smaller bar sizes and larger L-shape sizes.

Not sure how angle iron can help you with your fabrication or construction projects? Learn more about angle iron and how to select the best type for your needs.

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Common Angle Iron Specifications

Ideal for high-strength applications, L-shaped angle iron is available in equal or unequal angle steel. Equal steel bars offer weight distribution as well as excellent tensile strength. Unequal angle iron is ideal for uneven applications that require unequal steel angle support.

Steel Angle Material Options

  • Steel angle alloys and finishing types
    • ATSM-A36 steel
      • Yield strength considerations.
        • Tensile strength- 58-80 ksi
        • Yield point minimum- 36 ksi
    • A1008 steel
    • Galvanized steel
  • Hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel
    • Hot-rolled angle iron works well for applications that require larger L-shaped sizes, where surface finishes and precision are not necessary
    • Cold-rolled angle iron is well-suited for applications that require tight dimensional tolerances and smooth surface finishes
  • Chemical properties of angle iron provide durability and ease of weldability with high strength

Steel Angle Shape, Thickness, and Strength Considerations

  • Angle iron thickness is dependent upon your project requirements
    • Weight, force, and torsion should be considered when determining angle iron thickness
  • Structural steel angle is strongest above the vertical section of the structural shape.
    • The strength of the angle iron comes from the length of the L-shape
Angle iron is a versatile structural steel that can be used for a wide variety of industrial and commercial uses.

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Applications for Angle Iron

Applications that benefit from angle iron support include:angle iron
  • Masonry
  • Bridgework
  • Construction
  • Warehousing
  • Shelving
  • Communication towers
  • Furniture frames
  • Fencing
  • Small project structural repairs

Find the Angle Iron You Need

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