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A Guide to Perforated Metal

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What is Perforated Metal?

Perforated metal, also known as perforated sheet, plate, or screen, is a thin sheet of metal that has been punched with a regular pattern of holes. The result is a versatile, yet economical solution for a broad spectrum of uses, such as enclosures, partitions, sign panels, guards, filters, screens, and more.

How is Perforated Metal Made?

Perforated metal Hex Originally formed by manual punching, perforated metal now is manufactured with mechanical equipment in a few different ways. For the most common method, called “cold perforation,” a roller full of sharpened pins runs over a flat metal sheet during the metal fabrication process. This method leaves raised surfaces on the back of the metal, similar to a cheese grater, which may be useful in some applications.


For “hot perforation,” the pins are heated, which slightly melts the edges of the metal as they push through the sheet. As the metal cools, it creates a reinforced welt around each hole.

Another method for creating perforated metal is repeatedly pressing a metal “perforation die” containing rows of needles down on the sheet metal as it rolls through a punch press.

Laser perforation is a non-contact method of metal perforation that uses lasers to accurately burn small holes in the metal with a high level of consistency. The results are similar to hot perforation, leaving a reinforced ring around each hole.

Benefits of Perforated Metal

Perforated metal Slot Perforated metal is easy to cut and fabricate. Prized for its variety of holes sizes and designs, percentage of open area, high strength-to-weight ratio, and aesthetic appeal, perforated sheet is popular for uses in many industries, including:

Architecture & Construction

By allowing airflow, perforated metal panels make the perfect sunshades, stair treads, railing panels, privacy screens, partitions, fences, awnings, picnic tables, and more. It also lends itself to artistic and creative uses, such as signs, building trim, and sculpture.


Perforated metal is useful for machine guards, grills, baskets, panels, partitions, racks, straining, screening, sorting, pressure equalization, sound-proofing, and filtering.


Oil and water filters, silencers, grilles, running boards, flooring, and engine ventilation are all applications of perforated metal.

Perforated metal Square Food & Beverage

Perforated metal is invaluable in applications such as dryers, sorters, ventilators, screens, cheese molds, juice presses, and baking trays.


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