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What is the importance of design considerations for applications susceptible to metal fatigue? Let’s talk about the causes, forms, and how to determine metal fatigue strength.
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A blog post detailing the benefits of aluminum alloys for aerospace engineering and design. Comparison of different aluminum grades. Learn more about aluminum for aerospace applications today.
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Discussion of aluminum alloys and which alloys can be anodized. Chemical properties, coatings, and other factors determine which alloys are best suited for anodizing.
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Check out our new features for an improved online shopping experience. Filter your product specifications, choose product view options, download our catalog, and create a project list.
Discover the specific requirements, methods, equipment and techniques for welding copper metals, while preserving their material characteristics.
Achieve successfully welding aluminum alloys by following prescribed techniques and best practices. Find more pro tips here at
What is material traceability and why is it so important? In the metal manufacturing business, quality assurance processes can become a liability. Learn more!
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Try these DIY Outdoor Home Projects—It’s the perfect time of year, and the best kinds of projects are those that can be completed in a single weekend.
As you get into stick welding, discover which ones to use and find the answers your questions - What's the difference between a 7018 and a 6013 electrode?
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For DIYers who are dreaming of making a cast iron or stainless steel grill grate project—find choice of material that best suites your project needs here!
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There are more ways to connect metal than through welding. Learn the process of tapping to master a safer, quicker version of reinforcing metal.
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Quality assurance is a significant component of the metal manufacturing business. To prove and document that quality assurance for customers, companies use Mill test reports (MTRs).
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Trying to match the right type of metal with a new project? Learn about DOM tubing and 4130-grade tubing and find out which is best for the task at hand.